Do you need a boat insurance broker?

If you have finally acheived some success in life and you like to enjoy your time on the water with your sailing or motored yacht, or catamaran, make sure that you get the best yacht insurance quotes and subsequent coverage to protect your investment. A yacht is a valuable asset, and a mark of refined luxury, so you must do everything you can to insure that it is protected against accident, fire, or sinking. You want to know that you can get full use and enjoyment from your yacht whenever you wish, without worrying that something has put your vessel out of commission.


Your personal or commercial vessel is important to you -- and it should be. If you have a yacht, a sail boat, or a catamaran -- or perhaps your own personal fleet -- you need to shop around for the best quality insurance coverage. If you run yacht charters or other commercial marine services as well as a business - it’s even more imperative that you get the most comprehensive coverage at the best rates. Very often yacht insurance brokers will assess your needs and get you quotes from multiple sources. Making sure you understand these quotes is the critical next step...


Perhaps you already have coverage, and now you’re seeking quotes for comparisons. If you have a quality, Yacht-Insurance-Quotes-Boats-Charter-Sailing-Motored-Catamaranexpensive investment like a yacht you want to make sure you understand the full extent of your coverage. Do you have comprehensive hull Insurance - covering physical damage to the boat’s equipment and machinery, and all related losses? You want to know that sails, spars, onboard furniture, outboard motors, tenders and dinghies, fittings, and other pieces of equipment are specifically covered, and how you’ll be paid. You’ll want to know what your full coverage is on your motor as well. If you are getting quotes for coverage - ask specifically about motor coverage!

Often boat insurance and yacht insurance policies exclude loss from wear and tear, and  “deterioration” of your vessel over time. Very often these exclusions include various animals, marine life, mussels (zebra), mold, insects, and other weathering. Make sure your quote is very clear in terms of exclusions. If you’re not sure if something is excluded, ask your broker or agent to clarify these points.


You need to understand the difference between a partial and a total loss, and see how replacement cost, actual cash value, or agreed value numbers would impact your yacht insurance claims. You must have an idea which personal effects on the vessel will be included in your hull coverage, and which are not. Is it possible that your team will need emergency assistance or commercial towing while your vessel is in transit? Of course. In addition, you’ll want to know if your trailer is covered as well. These are all necessary questions to ask.


There are standard deductibles for named storms (hurricane haul-out coverage is also available), boat electronics, and the hull. You need to do what you can to fully understand your coverage, and how it varies depending on your usage. If you turn over your vessel for chartered rentals during certain times of the year when you are away - either on business or traveling -- you would want to know that your annual coverage is consistent and unwavering


A yacht or catamaran is the mark of extreme luxury, and it can be a source of great joy and great pride for years to come for you, your loved ones, and your guests and business associates. Protect your wonderful sea-faring asset against partial and complete loss by having comprehensive yacht insurance, but be sure to get a full range of informed quotes before you sign on the dotted line -- not because of cost -- but because of your important need to protect your sailing or motored yacht or catamaran against the unexpected. Get a yacht insurance broker today.