Yaeba Teeth: Fashionable crooked Teeth

A lot of people think that having a cute smile is adorable and appealing. That seems to be a generally accepted concept. When it comes to having bad breath, everyone will agree to the fact that it is off putting most especially if the person wants to move in for a kiss. Oral hygiene is big business from dentist charging a fortune to helping those seeking the perfect smile to achieve their goal. When you think about all that, you will be surprised that someone will want to have crooked teeth. You likely have never heard about Yaeba. There are so many girls who intentionally try to have crooked Yaeba teeth because they think it is sexy and cute.

The aim of the women and girls going for the Yaeba teeth is to look sexier with a winning smile. Some people worry that it is encouraging young girl to think too much about their personal appearance and not about developing their personalities. The fact is, the world is only interested in what you look like and not who you are. There are a few who have the fortune of having good looks and brains to go with it. The rest will likely want to try out Yaeba teeth as a way to get the imperfect but appealing smile.

If you have seen some of the pictures of some Japanese girls with Yaeba teeth, you might find them cute or you might feel that they are strange. This is the latest craze that is sweeping some parts of the country and there is even a Facebook page where devotees come to show off their smile at the altar of ignorance. You don’t have to agree with what these young people do to themselves but every generation tends to define itself by doing something eccentric and out of the ordinary.

At times, you might wonder why some parents allow their children to go down the road of teeth modification. There are things you cannot understand unless you are a fashion crazed teenager. There are also things you cannot fathom until you see teens do it. That is the joy of having children and the elation of being young and carefree. Like most fashion craze, Yaeba teeth will thin out and those who find them appealing today will grow up and move on to other things. Parents will have their share of heartache and screaming bout with their unruly teenager. A new generation will come up with something different albeit not innovative and the whole scenario will start all over again.