A Visual Way to Search

Yahoo has tried to in many areas in the Internet, including the successful yahoo messenger. Yahoo is trying to make a comeback in the Internet Search world with Yahoo Axis. So if you are trying to find a really nice free web browser, Yahoo Axis is the newest browser from Yahoo. They have made an app for the iPhone, iPad and your desktop.  In some ways, they have changed the way we search, especially on the tablet. Let’s dives into some of the particulars!

Visual Search(100658)

Search - It's a New Way to Find Things

This search is not like anything you’ve ever used. On the desktop, a search module is installed in your Firefox or Google Chrome browser. So it isn’t exactly a complete search browser in itself, but rather dramatically improves your searching in the browser you are already using! In Firefoxm, it appears as a bar on the bottom of the screen and when you begin searching expands into a module.   As you typed  what you are looking for,  search suggestions begin appear. You can then select any of those options and directly to the left, pictures of the top websites begin to appear.

Also if you start typing in something like “Weather” the first result to the right will be the weather for your region…that is pretty cool!

If you have an apple track pad, magic mouse, or trackpad you can just begin to scroll through these results sideways. The end result is that you can see webpages before you even click on it! You can also click on a small button in the low left corner of the module allowing you to choose between web results and image results.

Conveniently in the Corner of your Browser!

Conveniently in your browser's corner

Comes up as a Module in your current browser!

Yahoo Axis Plugin Module

Bookmarks - All in One Easy Place

To the right of the module is the bookmark button. If you click, you get a similar look as your search results. To the left are buttons representing your bookmarks folders you have set. When you click on these folders, pictures of those websites show directly to the right.

Book Marks

Home Page - It's all about feeling at home

When you click on the little house icon, it will take you to home base. This gives you a quick look at everything you have like “Read Later,” “My favorites,” and other resources.

Tabs - So much better than Safari

There is one cool feature for the tablet, and that is the tabs. You can now have multiple searches stored in your application. It is a huge improvement over the Safari tab system.

Sync - Every Where you go!

Now you never have to leave your search on just your desktop. If you have all of these apps installed on several devices you can keep them in sync via the cloud. Also, the iPad and Desktop application is much the same, only you are using hand swipes and some of the buttons are in a few different place. Also the tablet and free mobile browser application are actual applications, not just plug-ins like the desktop is.

Picture of iPad App Version!

Login - It's Easier than Ever!

Don’t have a Yahoo account? No problem! You can now login through Facebook or Google! This is great because now you don’t have to make an account with Yahoo!

Downfalls - Yes every product has them!

Every product has some downfall, and Yahoo doesn’t escape them. Lucky for them, they are not very many.

  1. The touch screen on the iPad is a little slow at tracking and is frustrating at times.
  2. It uses the Yahoo Search Engine, which doesn’t do that great of a job compared to Google.

This video shows the details of how Yahoo Axis Works