Do you want to have your own website??Tired of trying out all the web building software available without any success?? Confused about where to start how to start building a website??

If you answered yes for any of the above questions then you are not alone my friend. There are thousands out there who are just as confused as you are when it comes to designing websites.

The solution to your problem, a piece of software known as Yahoo sitebuilder. Even if you are a complete newbie or an experienced web designer, you will find working with Yahoo sitebuilder a wonderful experience. You can have your website designed and running in minutes.

Yahoo sitebuilder is a software that is offered free of cost along with the yahoo Webhosting package. When you opt for yahoo hosting you gain access to this amazing piece of software which makes web designing as easy as eating a pie. You can build a professional looking website with very little effort, or very little knowledge of HTML using Yahoo sitebuilder.

Yahoo sitebuilder offers you a number of professional templates to choose from. You can select one depending on your business or hobby and then customize it according to your personal needs. You can develop flashy, eye-catching websites that capture the user's attention using Yahoo sitebuilder. Your website would be e-commerce ready and can be integrated with PayPal by opting for yahoo hosting and using yahoo sitebuilder

Yahoo also includes a step –by –step help guide. This guides you through the process of creating a page and also tells you how to include certain items like an image or a button or a piece of HTML code. When you select a particular template Yahoo sitebuilder will help you by providing short and simple help messages as to where an image would look good and where you can put up the About Me section and where you can include a text about the services you offer. If your site offers a number of products then updating the product catalogue is very easy. Once you update the product and pricing information in the yahoo catalog database, Yahoo Sitebuilder allows you to update the catalog easily. Offering a variety of products for sale without a shopping cart button would be of no use. Yahoo sitebuilder provides a shopping cart button in various designs and sizes.

All these features offered by Yahoo sitebuilder give your website a professional look and add an extra zing to it to capture the customer's attention. Having a professional looking website would definitely help in increasing the sales and traffic.

If you are daunted by all the coding and designing you have to do to set up a website and do not wish to spend hours together trying to figure out how to set up one then yahoo sitebuilder is the perfect solution for you .Yahoo sitebuilder is a perfect tool for someone who wants to set up a website fast but does not want to spend much time learning HTML or web designing. If you are a small business owner then opting for a Yahoo hosting and using Yahoo sitebuilder would be the ideal thing to do