Yankee Large Jar

What is a Yankee Scented Candle?

If you have purchased a candle from Yankee Candle store lately, you may be eligible to return it for a full refund due to a recall. Opening their first store in 1975, Yankee Candle stores have been expanding rapidly since the take over of Craig Rydin as CEO in 2001. It is difficult to find a mall in the United states which doesn't have a store and with such rapid growth, there are bound to be problems and recalls.

Yankee Candle got their humble beginnings when founder Michael Kittredge melted down crayons to make a gift for his mother. As news spread about his gift, and orders began coming in from friends and relatives he brought in friends Donald MacIver and Susan Obremski to help him set up the company and develop techniques to produce candles faster and more efficiently. Like many other success stories, sales grew slowly over time as it developed into the company you see today.

With over 50 current Yankee scented candles in their product line, and hundreds of retired fragrances, Yankee makes candles in all sorts of sizes, shapes and styles. Their most popular product is the 22oz glass jar candle which has a burn time of over 140 hours. Meaning, if you lit your candle 1 hour per day it would last you almost 6 months.

Yankee Candle Deals:

Due to their extremely popular scents, and long life-span, Yankee scented candles come a premium cost of around $25 dollars. However if that is over your budget, there are alternatives such as 3.7oz small jar that can be purchased for under $10, or even smaller votives that can be found for less than $5. But for the best value, you may get lucky and find printable Yankee Candle coupons or even find used or retired scents at garage sales or on Craigslist.

Yankee Recall

Yankee Candle Recall -Which Candles May Be A Fire Hazard?

If you visited a Yankee Candle store between October and November 2010, you may have purchased a product made by the General Wax and Candle company that look like metallic taper candles. They are called Silver or Gold Metallic Taper Candle's and an estimated 33,000 units were sold usually near the checkout counter at many Yankee Candle stores for around $1.99. You should look for the UPC code 609032492687 or 609032492694 that will be printed under the bar code on the plastic wrapper.

How to return a defective candle:

Although no injuries have been reported, the metallic paint in the candles have been shown to possibly catch fire and cause an uncontrollable burn. If you have these candles, you are asked to stop using them immediately and return them to your nearest Yankee Candle store for a full refund. Alternatively you can call the manufacturer directly at (800) 543-0642 for more information or visit the General Wax and Candle Recall Refund Site.

If you are unsure if your candle is effected, visit the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's website for more information. Since the product under scrutiny was not manufactured, but sold by Yankee Candles, there is no reason to worry about other products you may have purchased during that time period.