Yankee candles have long been some of the most popular scented candles on the market. They are super scented and therefor they last a lot longer then those other brands that you can spend your money on. But did you know that Yankee candles was not just all about burningitems. There are so many accessories that company now makes that you can enjoy your favorite fragrances in many different forms.

Yankee Candles Scents

The first thing to realize when you are shopping for Yankee candles or any other of their accessories is that there are more fragrances available then you will ever be able to use. You have the basic scents that they have year round. These include everything from vanilla to berry cobbler. The company does come up with special Yankee candles that are available during a set season. Their fall and winter scents are usually some of their most popular for the entire year.

The company will also discontinue certain scents from time to time. They do this to make room in their catalog for new scents. People who love Yankee candles know that if they love a certain fragrance, it is often a good idea to stock up when you find them on a great deal. The candles do not go bad and can be kept unused for long periods of time.

Yankee Candles Housewarmer Jars

The basic item that many people think of when they think of the Yankee Candle Company is their housewarmer jars. These are often the ones that you can find in various scents on the shelves at your local stores. The fragrance of these Yankee candles last through the burning of the entire jar. The housewarmer jars comes in three sizes. There is the 3.7 ounce size. This one is great if you want to test out a new scent. There is the 14.5 and 22 ounce options that are the most common.

Reed Diffusers

Reed diffusers have become a favorite among many people for a way to get their favorite scents through out the house. A jar of fragrance house a collection of reeds sticking out of it. The fragrance travels up the reeds and slowly releases into the room. Yankee candles creates reed diffusers in many of their top selling scents and with their seasonal favorites.

The company sells decorative vases that you can use to display your new reed diffusers. There are also refill sets that you can purchase to get more of those favorite scents that you have.

Lip Balm

One of the newest items that you will see with Yankee candles is their collection of lip balms. You may not think of lip care and this company together. However, it is a great match. These flavored lip balms come in some of the most mouth watering flavors of Yankee candles. From vanilla to Christmas cookie, you are sure to love this new item.

Make Great Gifts

Yankee candles and their accessories make great gifts. You may be picking a couple of your favorite scented items for yourself, but remember that these items make great gifts. You can create your own custom gift sets around them to make a gift for anyone on your shopping list. Shopping online for these items will make it even easier to get your hands on exactly what you need to complete your gift and at the best prices out there.