Front Yard Bird Bath Fountain

There are a number of big and small outdoor water fountains available in the marketplace. They can be easily used in any type of yard, no matter what look you are trying to achieve.

Yard fountains look very appealing to your guests and can work with any type of theme, or design of your yard. You can also work around a water feature to make your yard look beautiful and appealing.

Yard fountains come in various shapes, sizes and designs, ranging from bamboo, rock waterfall styles, to pineapple fountains.

Some of the main categories are found below:

Wall Fountains

Wall Mounted Yard Water FountainThey are a good option to have when the yard is small. They offer the same appeal and sound that a larger fountain will have but within a small space, and can be used on your patio or main yard wall.

There are also smaller wall hanging fountains, which can be easily kept away from the reach of any child in the house or even animals. These types of yard water pieces come in different shapes as well as different materials, like glass, granite, and natural stones.

Multi-Tiered Fountains

These are the most popular type of yard fountains, they give a sense of a real waterfall in your yard. In it water trickles down from the top over different decending layers into the lower basin or pool.

These are arguably the most visually appealing and texture-oriented fountains for your yard. They can be made from bamboo, barrels, rocks, and other materials which allow water to cascade down, and a pump recirculates the water to the top to make it self-supporting.

Ground Water Fountains

Modern Outdoor Water FountainThese are like natural springs constructed from stones, metals and fiberglass to give a natural feel. These are constructed close to the ground and come in various designs and shapes. They can also be used for irrigation purposes like watering plants and vegetables in your yard.

Nothing else can make the yard a more beautiful outdoor area than an outdoor yard fountain. They can add a beautiful feel to the surrounding space. In the prior recession and the bad state of the real estate market, adding an attractive fountain to your yard was an effective way increase the market value of your home.

You can add accessories to your landscaping by planting flowers and making paths around the fountain to give it a more glamorous feel. And as these are becoming more and more popular yard fountains are becoming cheaper by the day. You can get a great price if you try finding one that fits within your budget and your functional needs, as well as meeting your aesthetic needs.

Purchasing One? Keep This In Mind

Three Tier Yard FountainWhen looking for yard fountains, there are many options available in the marketplace. You can go to garden improvement places and also interior decorators to get an idea about the styles available and the options for your yard. When looking for a themed model or a fountain having some specific materials in them like rocks and granite, have a look in the catalog books available at places mentioned above and at malls and retail stores to have more choices.

The best way to get a lot of options is to search the internet. The internet has many sites dedicated to fountains for gardens and yards. They have pictures as well as different style and design options. You can search on the internet through search engines like Google and Yahoo, to get the most popular results. To start off your search let me suggest checking out sites like,,, and for a bit of inspiration.