Here are five reasons you should consider getting out that yard sale sign!

yard sale today

1. You have a gorgeous walk in closet, that you can barely open the door too!

It is jammed full of everything, and you have to cram it shut. You actually don't remember just how far you can walk in, you just know that years ago when you bought the house, you could do a dance in there, and that is why you bought the house, because of all the great space. But they do say the bigger the space the bigger the junk pile gets!

You could probably outfit the entire street with all of your clothes. Time for the yard sale sign.

2. You have run out of closet space so that expensive treadmill makes a great hanger for the clothes you wear on a regular basis, and the handles are great for your robe and the tread is great for piling the clean laundry that people just grab from. Every January when you consider getting in shape, you realize that you won't need a personal trainer, as you will have to move all of this "stuff" yourself, and be out of breath before you even turn the treadmill on. That should count as exercise right?

3. You are now using your tenth set of spare keys. Somewhere in your house are keys. They must have got put down, then another one o those growing junk piles must have got put on top of them. Those junk piles breed like rabbits, so it is no wonder the keys get swallowed up somewhere.

4. One of the piles of junk consists of organizers to use in the closets. You bought them, but with no real intention of using them. They are now another pile in this house that you have to deal with. Besides, no organizers are going to magically clean up this house!

5. Your own kids are too embarrassed to bring their friends over, because last time, one got lost in all the junk, and you had to call in a search party to find him!. Plus you know you had a pet cat somewhere, but you just keep putting out food, and hope to spot him one day!

We all have busy lives, and some how or another "stuff" just keeps coming into the house, and nothing is leaving. This creates piles of chaos. You may get ambitious some Saturday and want to get started, but quickly give up when a friend invites you to go somewhere, and you think "get me out of here".

So, if you are feeling stressed when you get home from work, it most likely is your surroundings. Your home is suppose to be a soft place to land at the end of a hard day, and you are suppose to get rejuvenated by being in your home. But if you are not feeling like that, then you have to consider getting out the yard sale sign.

Trying to tackle a job like this takes organizing in itself, which is why it may not get done. But there is a easier way to tackle this, but you do need the help of your family or friends.

Start with a schedule. Mark it down on the calendar. Pick a day for your yard sale sign to go up. Make it for two weeks from now, and this will give you a deadline to work towards.

Go and find boxes. From the grocery stores, from the liquor stores, from anywhere you can get boxes. Now also go and purchase some of those plastic storage tubs.

Now that you have all your supplies, pick a room. Start with something small, like the hall closet. By picking something small, you can see a beginning, middle and a end to the cleaning job. Which will inspire you to actually do it, because you will feel a great sense of accomplishment after it is done. If you jut wander around from room to room, you will waste your time and energy, not get one project complete and feel exhausted and give up.

So, start with the closet, get ruthless too! Have a cardboard box and mark it "yard sale" if you are not big on yard sales, then maybe make it a "donation box". Take a 5 second look at the item. You can usually tell with the first look whether it is a keeper or not.

Another great way to help decide whether it is time to pitch something, is look at it, and ask yourself when the last time it was you actually used the item or wore the item. If you can't even remember, then let it go.

Also imagine that you have to move, and you are moving to somewhere half the size of where you are now. Is this item worth taking up space for? Once it has hit the box, don't take it back out. Fill the box, and close it up.

If you find items, that you definitely are keeping, such a seasonal clothing, or boots and shoes, then put these in the plastic tub and label it "seasonal" You can keep this in the bottom of your closet, and you know where it is, when the seasons are changing. No need to go and wade through the garage etc. Even if you have the space in a closet, it is good to wash and put away in these tubs your last seasons clothes. This gives you room for your present clothes, and you are not always tugging on things.

Once you have completed a closet, then find the next room. The living room is a great place for the second room. Get rid of all those piles of magazines. You can donate those or put them in your garage sale as "free take these". Get out a dusting cloth and give your living room a really good clean afterwards. You will love this feeling!

Once you have systematically gone through the rooms, you can keep the yard sale boxes in each room piled up until that yard sale sign goes up on the lawn, and then you get your kids and family to get these boxes from each room and get to work setting your sale items up outside.

Get started early, as serious yard sale shoppers are out there at the crack of dawn. You can make some of your best money between the hours of 7 and 9 am! So, go to bed early the night before. If you have a garage, maybe get things ready so that you only have to drag them outside, and you are ready. If it is raining, and you did not have a rain date posted in the ad, then get the yard sale sign up anyways, and leave your garage door open and sell from just inside your garage. Just make sure anything that is not for sale is way to the back. You can rope off an area in your garage for the sale, this works well too.

Once you have made your money and sold off most of your items, then borrow a truck or a van, or use your car and take what is left to the dump. Most dumps have a re-use part to it now, so it won't end up in the landfill. Do NOT under any circumstances, let this stuff back in your house!

Now you have a soft place to land at the end of the day and some money in your pocket!