Yard Sale

Yard sales are a great way to make money from items that you don’t need or want any more so it is no wonder that they are very popular. Even better, they have the side benefit of helping the environment as instead of tossing something in a landfill, someone else will use it. While setting up a yard sale can seem simple at first, if you want it successful, you need to do more than simply grabbing items, making a sign and having your sale. Whether your goal is to reduce clutter or make money (or even both), there are some yard sale tips that can help you meet this.

Find Items To Sell

While this process seems obvious, there are some things to keep in mind when selecting what you want to sell. If you truly want a successful event, you should try to collect as many items as possible and to do this you should go through everything. Of course you can start with the items you know you want to get rid of, but then you should move on and go through your home room by room (including each drawer, box, etc.) to find more items.

When you find a potential object for the sale but don’t know if you want to keep it, ask yourself a few questions. Do I like it? Do I need it? Did I remember it existed before I saw it? Do I have similar items? If you don’t think you need the item or don’t like it, it is obviously a good candidate. The best objects to sell are the ones that you didn’t even remember existed until you saw them again. One thing to keep in mind however is that you should truly consider whether you will miss an item because once you sell it, it is gone forever.


After you have all of your items set aside, the next obvious step is to decide on a price. But this isn’t as simple as it seems; luckily there are yard sale tips to help with this process. When selecting the price, keep in mind that you want to sell the item. If you want too much money, no one will want the item. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should sell a collector’s edition book that is worth $100 for only $1. Try being fair with the prices keeping in mind both how much an item is worth and how much you can reasonably get for it. If you are unsure, ask some friends how much they would pay for it or simply look online.

After you have decided on the price, you still have some more tips to follow. Be sure to not only mark the item with the price (on a sticker or masking tape. Never write it with permanent marker on the object), but also keep a master list. This way if the price tag comes off for some reason (or someone pulls it off to try to trick you), you will still know how much you want for the item. Try to keep your list organized so items are easy to find. If you have a lot of a certain item, such as books or shirts, try setting up a table with a sign saying how much they are. Such as “Paperbacks: $1.00, Hardcovers: $5.00” or whatever amount you are asking.

Legal Issues

Many people don’t realize it but depending on where you live, you may actually need a permit to set up a yard sale. The same is sometimes true of putting up signs to advertise. Because of this one of the best yard sale tips is to always check before planning to avoid any legal issues.

Pick A Day And Time

One of the toughest decisions to make is deciding when to have your garage sale. You generally want to have it on a weekend and at least two or three days so people will be able to go even if they work. If you pick a three-day weekend, that can help you but keep in mind that a lot of people may go out-of-town.

When checking if you need a permit, you should also ask if there are any community garage sales. These would be a large group of people like you selling items in the same place but the benefit is you don’t have to advertise. Even better, many people will come because there will be plenty of options. The only thing to keep in mind, however, is that you will need to bring all your items to the site and be sure to price them competitively if you want to make sales.

Advertise The Yard Sale


After picking the date, the next most important yard sale tips relate to advertising. That is because without advertising, no one will know about your sale and even if you have great items and amazing prices, no one will come. You could put an ad in the newspaper, but in today’s world, online is a better option and online ads are often free. You also want to put up signs in your neighborhood. Try to pick a sign that is eye-catching and just has the basic information – if it’s too wordy, no one will read it. If you are putting up signs in your neighborhood, aim for busy streets and be sure to include an arrow pointing in the right direction (and more signs at each turn leading to your home).

Prepare The Area

Clean Up

Many people don’t necessarily think about it but if your yard or garage is dirty, your sale is much less likely to bring you as much money. That is because people dislike clutter or dirt and may simply walk away.

Get Change

Another of the yard sale tips that is often overlooked is getting enough change. Keep in mind that although some people will pay with small bills or coins, not everyone will have them available. Try to get around 20 one dollar bills and a few fives and tens plus plenty of coins. You don’t want to lose a sale because you don’t have change.

Consider Discounts

If your yard sale is almost over and you still have a lot of items left, consider offering them for a lower price. If you really want to get rid of everything, cut all the prices in half. The decision is up to you but remember that if you never use the items, you might as well get some money for them, even if it is just a little.