I have recently taken up knitting again.  I used to do it years ago, but then it fell to the wayside as I was busy with raising the kids, jobs and online ventures and it simply was not happening.

As electronics became more main stream, it was just easier to answer emails, work on ideas, or become attached at the hip to my cell phone. 

But fast forward to present, and after a year of battling insomnia and subsequently finding out I had sleep apnea requiring a CPAP machine at night, I also was told to stop the electronics after 7pm preferably earlier.yarn bowlCredit: morguefile.com

The backlight from a computer, laptop or even your phone can trigger insomnia symptoms as it keeps a part of your brain awake for hours afterwards.  I was told it was like having cups of coffee in the evening for the amount of irritation it did to my sleep cycle.

TV was ok because you usually sit quite far back compared to the closeness you sit in front of a computer or your phone.  I have a larger screened main frame and that was where I would be perched late into the evening working on various projects, everything from personal things to banking and surfing in-between.

yarn bowlCredit: amazon.com


Knitting to the Rescue!

I did as I was told and basically came off electronics after dinner.  I puttered around the house with housework after dinner and then put on easy to watch comedies and sitcoms, nothing too deep.  But I felt like I needed to be doing something.  I saw an advert for a yarn bowl and that got me thinking.  So I dusted off my knitting needles and started with something super easy that didn’t need a pattern, a scarf.

But as I knitted away I quickly found out one of the downsides to knitting with a cat.  Either the cat attacked the yarn or the yarn rolled onto the floor and into cat hair or simply tangled into a ball.

yarn bowlCredit: amazon.com

Stoneware and Handmade - Gorgeous!

Anthony Stoneware Handmade Yarn Bowl, Teal Green
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(price as of Apr 16, 2016)

Yarn Bowls

I was forever fighting with the cat or picking off hairs even though I had just vacuumed.  I started researching these yarn bowls and realized they were a brilliant idea.  I mean here I am trying to stay calm and distressed in the evenings, only to be fighting with a cat and a ball of yarn.

I had picked a soft fuzzy yarn so it didn’t take much for things to get tangled all by itself.  As I was researching I realized there were lots of different products on the market to help with the detangling of yarn.  (Obviously it is a huge issue among knitters) I only work with one colour at a time, but I know if you are deep into colourful patterns you may need more than one ball at a time and that can be the ultimate tangle.  

paint your own yarn bowlCredit: amazon.com

Paint Your Own

Yarn Bowl and Sable Paintbrush Set- Paint Your Own Ceramic Keepsake
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(price as of Apr 16, 2016)

The yarn bowl is the best option for me because you can see your wool and it is simply cute.  I figured if I am knitting I might as well have cute accessories.  There are many on the market, some plastic if you like to throw your accessories around like me, but others made of ceramics that look like a million bucks sitting on the coffee table afterwards (this would not work with my cat!)

Paint Your Own Bowl

I thought this was a lovely gift idea for the knitter in your clan; this kit comes with paints so they can actually create their very own original yarn organizer.

For me, it is best to create something super simple that I don’t have to think to hard about, so I went with the simple garter stitch and a scarf.  I picked multi-coloured yarns so that the natural pattern it created was nice to see and the fact it was one type of stitch was not noticeable.  I know there are experienced knitters out there that probably can watch TV and whip up unbelievable patterns, but for myself, I needed to make this resurrected hobby as simple and as enjoyable as possible without even having to press the item afterwards.  Simple garter stitch will not cause curling at the edges.

Knit for Stress

Just the act of knitting and the clicking and rhythm of the needles (I use metal ones) was enough to calm me along with my chamomile tea and something funny on TV.  This has been the best sleeping pill yet for me, along with my CPAP (whom I call DARTH VADER) I enjoy a good 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.  I skipped knitting one night as I had run out of ideas, and I really felt fidgety and restless, so yes, I am ADDICTED!

Knitting Accessories are a Beautiful Thing

Treat yourself to some accessories that not only make your hobby easier to simply pick up and start where you left off, but help to keep you organized and detangled as well.  I swear balls of yarn simply tangle when I am not looking.

yarn cutterCredit: amazon.com
Clover Yarn Cutter Pendant, Antique Silver
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(price as of Apr 16, 2016)

Cutter for Yarn

Although you may not want to wear this as jewelry (although it is cute enough!), this is super handy for cutting yarn.  I am usually sitting on the couch with everything in my lap when I realize I need scissors, having one of these around your neck is handy.

yarn dispenserCredit: amazon.com

Perfect for Knitters on the Go!

Yarn Tote
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Portable Yarn Organizer

This one is the granddaddy of them all; it will hold different yarns separated to make life easier.  It will hold 8 different yarns, and is not only a great way to keep them organized but also easy to grab and go if you like to knit elsewhere.  You could keep all your other accessories in here too.


For me the yarn bowl will do the trick.  It can sit on the coffee table as a decoration when I am not creating my multitudes of scarves!  So treat yourself!