Are you one of those people who are assigned to create a yearbook for the school? If so, then you have to come up with unique yearbooks themes for 2011 – 2012. This is something that needs your imagination, so you have to set your creativity free. What are great yearbooks themes for 2011 – 2012? What about the cover? How can you produce something which can truly give your school yearbook a distinctive look?

Yearbooks Themes for 2011 – 2012 - Some Things to Consider

Here are some suggestions that will help you to come up with wonderful yearbooks themes for 2011 – 2012. To add zing to the cover, you can also make use of collage posters, oil paints, water colors, and a lot more. Try to be artistic during this time and have a couple of unique and imaginative yearbooks themes for 2011 – 2012. But first, you need to consider several things while choosing a theme such as:

School mascot and color – Be resourceful when including your school mascot and color in the theme to ensure that both reflect the school’s personality. Always take your school’s traditions or background into consideration.

Do your homework – Look into the previous year books so you can pick up the basics of the ideas and themes that became a hit and then find out why. As soon as you get the idea, create the theme that is comparable to the related ideas or line of thought as they are most likely to work.

Stay away from the pitfalls – Steer clear of the inside jokes which fit in to your personal group only when searching for yearbooks themes for 2011 – 2012. Doing this could give an impression to those who are unaware of it that they are excluded, and the school yearbook will be a total waste for them. What you can do instead of deciding on your own is to make a list with at least 10 items, show it to all the students and let them vote.

Concentrate on the present year – The theme should be based on the events that took place in the existing year, with only a few elements taken from the previous years.

Several suggestions for a good theme - Here are some nice combinations that could inspire you for the perfect theme (the titles of some movies could also be used with great succes for this):

  • The Story of a Beginning
  • 1,2,3 Start
  • Let's talk story
  • Sweet memories
  • Lerning the life game
  • The perfect end towards a new beginning
  • Look who's showing
  • All those beautiful years
  • Keep the enthusiams
  • Young and Restless
  •  Mixed Emotions
  • Once upon a time
  • Do you remember

 Ideas for Jostens Yearbook Themes 2011-2012

Jostens ( has a list of ideas for Jostens yearbook themes which you can find on the website. The company provides the most excellent desktop and online publishing methods in terms of making a yearbook as well as coming up with ideas for Jostens yearbook themes.

A feature called Yearbook Avenue® assists you in planning, managing, producing ideas for Jostens yearbook themes, creating and selling the yearbook free of charge. It is similar to a virtual yearbook classroom in which you can open your book’s details whenever and wherever you want to.

Your school yearbook should be very unique, and Jostens can certainly help you achieve it. The Jostens yearbook themes are great but again - use them only as a start point to made a list of yearbooks themes for 2011 – 2012 - so that you can then choose the best one.