As a pet owner, you need to make sure that your pet gets the best care possible. One of the vital things they need is veterinary care. You must understand that vet care is important whether or not your pet is suffering from sickness or any form of medical emergency. Veterinary care and services must be provided even for healthy and active pets.

Why Should Your Pet Undergo Yearly Health Assessments?

Yearly health assessments along with proper vaccinations are essential since it will keep your beloved pet healthy. During this examination, the veterinarian will perform the following services: - A full physical examination - Requirements for vaccinations will be assessed - Any potential health problems will be detected.

This is very beneficial since potential problems will be addressed immediately; thus, there is a lower risk of it developing into serious health conditions. Early detection means your pet will receive early treatment and may delay the beginning of clinical signs or worsening of the problem.

The Importance Of Vaccinations

You have to understand that pets are vulnerable to contracting different kinds of diseases, which can be life threatening. For this reason, on top of the yearly health assessments, having them vaccinated is essential. Vaccines are very successful in preventing infection in case your pet is exposed to such diseases. These vaccines will also spare and save the life of your pet.

When should your pet receive vaccinations? Your pet will receive 2 or 3 vaccination shots to ensure that they are fully protected from diseases and viruses. If you have a puppy, the first injection will be administered when he is around 6 weeks old. For kittens, they must be vaccinated when they are around 9 weeks old. The second vaccine shot must be given two to four weeks after. Your veterinarian will let you know when the second injection must be given or whether they need a third injection. If you are worried about having your pet vaccinated, you have to understand that these vaccines are completely safe, especially when administered by a licensed veterinarian. Although these drugs may induce different reactions to animals, these reactions and rare and no pets have suffered severe side-effects.

When you bring your pet to the vet, make sure that you go to a reputable animal clinic with a licensed and experienced veterinarian. It is also advisable to ask questions and raise your concerns regarding your pet during the annual health assessment. In doing so, you will know more about how you must care for your pet to provide them a healthy and happy life.