Can You Hear Me Now?


Yelling Shouting Mad Man

When you watch a movie, any movie, there is almost always a part of the film where an actor/actress is required to raise their voice, and yell.  No matter what their demeanor was for the rest of the film, this is the part of the film they are directed to lose it, and throw a fit.

Something I've noticed in my film watching career (okay, it’s not a paying job, more of a hobby) is that some actors are very, very good at it.  And that's what we're going to look at in this article.  The best yelling actors, and the movies in which that epic event took place.

An epic yelling moment can be created by the sheer volume level of the yell.  Or, it could be the actor’s unbelievably disfigured face during the yell, as he does his best to convey the emotion.  It could even be the amount of spit the camera caught flying out of the actor's mouth as the yell took place.  That's the kind of qualities we'll be covering.

1. Ed Harris

as General Francis X. Hummel, in "The Rock"

I don't know about you, but I sure wouldn't want to be stuck in front of Ed Harris when he is pissed off.  I don't care if he's acting or not, because when he yells, it looks totally real.  Check out the video clip below from "The Rock", where Ed Harris' character is going through a yelling fit.  He's got a group of commandoes on Alcatraz, and they are defending the island (illegally) from a special ops group that just infiltrated the island in attempt to take it back.  In this scene, Ed Harris & Michael Biehn have a 'lively' discussion.

Ed Harris yelling starts at video position 2:16

2. Al Pacino

as Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade, in "Scent of a Woman"

Next to the movie "Heat", "Scent of a Woman" is my second favorite Al Pacino movie.  It just wouldn't have been the same movie without Al.  Why?  My money is on his incredible ability to appear extremely upset.  Can you imagine being the co-star in this film, with Al screaming and shouting in your face?  You'd probably have nightmares after filming these scenes with Al going ballistic.  Have a look at the video clip below, from "Scent of a Woman", the classic line where Al is shouting "I'm in the dark here!"  

-Truly epic yelling.

Al Pacino yelling starts at video position 0:30

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Out of all five movies I've discussed in this article, "Scent of a Woman" is the one I think it's worth owning a copy of.

3. Harrison Ford

as Indiana Jones, in the "Indiana Jones" Movie Series

Harrison Ford has been in so many excellent films, it's really difficult to name just one in which he demonstrates the art of yelling like a boss.  So in this case, we'll name his series of 'Indiana Jones' movies, and take a look at how he handles his character's fear of snakes.  He doesn't just work up to expressing his displeasure of snakes in close proximity to his personal space, he goes into a full-on offensive, complete with fist-pounding, body-jerking, head-shaking, and spit-laden speech.  Check it out below.

Harrison Ford yelling through entire clip

#4: Kiefer Sutherland

as Jack Bauer, in "24" Television Series

Thanks to Netflix, I'm currently a "24" addict.  It's one of those series where you find yourself reaching the end of the episode, looking at the clock, and rationalizing out loud "...yeah, I guess I can watch just one more..."

-For the third or fourth time in a row that given night.

The first Kiefer Sutherland appearance I can remember is when I saw 'Flatliners' on opening night.  I thought his character was totally nuts.  But he did an awesome job portraying the character, just like nobody else wouldv'e made 24's 'Jack Bauer' the successful star of the show.

If you've watched enough of '24', you know that the character Jack Bauer has a tendancy to yell when it comes to interrogation.  In season 1, his family was taken hostage, which resulted in Jack becoming obviously upset.  Every time he had a chance to interrogate a person of interest, his more 'intense' side came out in full force, as we see in the following montage of clips from that season.

Kiefer Sutherland yelling. -A lot.

5. Bruce Willis

as John McClane, in the "Die Hard" Movie Series

Last, but not least by any means, is Bruce Willis acting out the 'Die Hard' series character John McClane.  This entry in my list is a bit different from the other four, as there aren't so many special scenes in the movie series where Bruce's character is yelling, but more that his character just prefers to be yelling for quite a bit of the movie.  Sure, there are plenty of spots with John McClane speaking in a normal voice tone, but there are far more instances with him yelling.  Watch the following trailer of “Die Hard: With a Vengeance" to jog your memory.

Now that I think about it, perhaps Samuel L. Jackson's character in this film was a better yeller.

What do you think?

Bruce Willis. Mostly loud, just not terribly angry.