Yellow bridesmaid dresses are great for summer and spring weddings because they add flair and class to your wedding. There are numerous styles and shades of these dresses  so you want to research which ones would work for your bridesmaids at least eight months before the wedding. You should also remember that not every woman can pull off a yellow dresses because of their haircolor, size or height. However, don’t let those drawbacks stop them from wearing choosing them because with the right accessories and dress design, they’ll look great in these dresses.

Keep in mind these dresses  don’t always have to be long and flowing,  although this looks terrific on bridesmaids. Mid-length bridesmaid dresses look just as flattering and they won’t draw a lot of attention away from the bride. Mid-length yellow bridesmaid dresses also work well for beach weddings or weddings in the backyard on a deck or in a large sunroom. You can accentuate the dresses with white ribbons around the waist and bouquets of yellow tulips and water lilies. Some yellow espadrilles or nice metallic gold or silver heels would look nice with the yellow bridesmaid dresses.

When looking for the right yellow bridesmaid dresses, you can talk with different bridal boutique owners and look through their collection of yellow bridesmaid dresses first by yourself then again with the bridesmaids. While you should value the bridesmaids’ opinions, you should think about how you want them to look in the yellow bridesmaid dresses. Another thing you can do is read a few bridal articles and look at what advice they give on choosing yellow bridesmaid dresses. If you know some friends who used yellow for their bridesmaids, ask for suggestions.

Yellow bridesmaid dresses don’t have to be pastel yellow because you can choose a golden yellow bridesmaid dress or you can even be bold and have your bridesmaids wear paisley-designed yellow  dresses with hints of white and light green or light blue. This is because yellow bridesmaid dresses come in various patterns these days. Another idea is to have the bridesmaids wear yellow bridesmaid dresses with 1970s flair such as yellow wrap dresses or the one-shoulder long dresses. These dresses should reflect the bridesmaids’ personalities and flatter their figures perfectly because you want them to be stylish and comfortable.

When you choose accessories for the yellow bridesmaid dresses, think about what complements the dresses the most. For example, some nice silver hoop or diamond pendant earrings would complement the yellow color. Another thing to think about are the flowers the bridesmaids will wear. You can combine some yellow and pink tulips as bouquets for the bridesmaids, or you can have them carry water lilies and orchids down the aisle at the wedding. Another idea is to have the bridesmaids wear yellow flowers with crystal hairpieces in their hair for extra flair.



How To Accessorize 


Your accessories for the dresses should complement the dresses and not clash with the color and design of the dresses. It’s not a good idea to have gold earrings and other gold jewelry with the yellow bridesmaid dresses because this gives the dresses a gaudy and unsophisticated look. Instead you should consider silver jewelry for the bridesmaids to wear with their  dresses.  Keep in mind that Silver jewelry adds an extra flair to yellow dresses.

As for shoes, some nice multicolored espadrilles would work for the bridesmaids because the colors in the espadrilles complement the yellow very well. Another idea is to have the bridesmaids wear some gemstone or diamond-coated silver heels because this works well for a formal summer wedding and if the bridesmaids are wearing longer yellow dresses. If the bridesmaids are wearing sleeveless  dresses, you can have them wear a white shawl over their shoulders for a nice touch along with white heels. But not all bridesmaids like white shoes so you should keep this in mind.

The necklaces and bracelets you choose as accessories for the  dresses depend on the style of the dresses and whether you have a formal or casual wedding. For example, if your bridesmaids are wearing yellow wrap dresses for a spring wedding, have them wear artisan necklaces or yellow chokers and cute artisan yellow bangles. If the brides are wearing ruffle-top  dresses, you can have the bridesmaid dresses wear crystal or gemstone necklaces in the wedding. The necklaces and bracelets shouldn’t be too dramatic but still elegant.

As for the bridesmaids’ makeup, always consider their facial structure and skin tone. Have the bridesmaids meet with your makeup consultant a few weeks before the wedding to test the makeup on the bridesmaids so you’ll have an idea of how you want the makeup to look.

Since flowers make good accessories for yellow bridesmaid dresses, consider the season your wedding will be in as well as your style and budget when looking for flowers. For example, if you’re having a fall wedding, think about orange and gold flowers to complement the  dresses. If you’re having spring or summer wedding, think about including water lilies, tulips, orchids, white roses, daisies or even sunflowers if the wedding has a country theme.

As for purses, never give your bridesmaids bulky purses because the focus should be on their dresses. Instead, give each of them yellow or silver clutch purses to complement the dresses. The purses should also have some sparkle to them but not be too gaudy. You can get special occasion purses from local department stores, online retailers, or vintage stores. You can also have a seamstress make special purses for the bridesmaids if it’s within your budget.


Saving Money On Your Dresses

One way you can save money on the cost of yellow bridesmaid dresses is to purchase and try them on when these dresses go on sale at your local bridal boutique. This would especially be a good idea if you already know a proposal might happen soon and you want to get things ready for the wedding as soon as possible. Before you take advantage of the bargain, look at the different styles and designers of the dresses and get the bridesmaids’ opinions. However, remember that ultimately this is your wedding day and that you should choose dresses that are in keeping with the wedding’s theme.

Another way to save money on the cost of  bridesmaid dresses is to look through some bridal magazines and direct mail catalogs. Look through some of the bargains then contact customer service to learn more about the styles of the yellow bridesmaid dresses you see. If the company offers an at-home consultation with you an the bridesmaids for free, take advantage of the opportunity because this allows you to determine whether this company’s bridesmaid dresses are right for your bridesmaids’ figures and personalities.