The yellow cardigan sweater is becoming more and more popular. Recently, Paris Hilton was spotted wearing one over a long white t-shirt and skinny jeans. It looked great on her and it highlighted her blonde hair surprisingly well. If you are considering buying a new cardigan this Spring, I would suggest considering a yellow cardigan.

Some of you may shy away from yellow. You may think that yellow is too glaring. But, step back and think. How do you feel when the yellow sun is out? Doesn't it just make you feel like the day is better? Doesn't it feel brighter all around? Well, the yellow does exactly that to your wardrobe. It can take a boring outfit and transform it. All of a sudden, you look brighter as well. Have you ever looked at someone wearing all black or just brown and dark colors? Do they stand out in the crowd or do they just get washed out or blend in? Most likely, you can't even see them. But, you notice the people with the brighter colors and yellow is a great color to get noticed in.

They say that yellow makes people feel warm and happier. If you are trying to attract people's attention and signal that you are a fun, warm person, you may want to consider adding yellow to your wardrobe. This color is also more subtle than red and doesn't necessarily denote sex but rather fun and cheerful. It shows people that you an easy person to approach and probably an easy person to talk to. For those looking for a relationship, these are all good things to indicate to people.

Finally, one of the best things about having a yellow cardigan sweater is that it is easy to put on and take off. You can add it to your outfit rather than making it the only piece of the outfit that you are wearing. You can wear something fun underneath and use the yellow to blend it together. A cardigan swings open so both the top part and the bottom part show. That's why I love adding a cardigan to my wardrobe. It makes it so easy in the morning to grab if I am cold and so easy to take off when I get hotter. It also makes it easy for me to look more professional at the office and then allows me to take it off to look great at night when I am going out with friends.