An Overview of Canary Diamonds

True love is a true blessing that brings happiness and joy to those who find it.  When you are ready to commit to the one who is the sunshine of your life, a cheerful and bright yellow diamond engagement ring might be the perfect way to embody how they make you feel. 

SI 1.68 ct Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring 14K GoldAlso known as a canary diamond engagement ring, yellow diamond engagement rings feature one of the world’s rarest diamond incarnations.  These bright hues are the product of nitrogen being introduced to a diamond as it forms.  They are one of the most expensive and unique diamonds that you can purchase because of their rarity and beauty.  Prized by jewelers and rising in popularity among consumers, yellow diamond engagement rings are not just a symbol of commitment but of a vibrant love. 

Increasingly, couples have been choosing to pick an engagement ring that strays from the most common white diamond style as a way to make a statement on their individuality, personal style, and unique relationship.  The rising popularity of yellow diamond engagement rings proves that more and more couples are viewing the engagement ring as a symbol of themselves and not just of the institution of marriage. 

2 ct Natural Fancy Yellow Diamond Fashion Engagement Ring VS Clarity Set in 18k GoldTechnically, a true yellow diamond is called either a fancy yellow diamond or a canary diamond.  This is to avoid confusion with yellow tinted white diamonds.  This is a very important distinction to make sure you get a diamond of the quality that you want. 

White diamonds are graded on a letter scale, the higher the letter, the higher the quality of the color.  When it comes to white diamonds, a yellow tint is considered a flaw in the beauty and purity of the diamond.  This is completely opposite from the high value placed on a true canary colored diamond. 

Fancy yellow diamonds have their own color scale which is rated from paleness to deepness.  In the case of true yellow diamonds, the deeper the yellow color, the more valuable the diamond.  To ensure that you buy what you intended, verify with the jeweler you are purchasing from that the diamond is classified as a canary diamond or a fancy yellow diamond rather than a white diamond. 

1.30 CT Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring 14K White Gold (Available In Sizes 5 - 10)When two celebrities from opposite ends of the spectrum both choose the same color diamond for their engagement ring, you know you have a trend that can suit anybody.  Katy Perry is known for her off-the-wall style. 

Carrie Underwood is known for her classic and country style.  Yet despite the vast differences between their music and their fiancées, both of these leading ladies proudly showed off yellow diamond engagement rings. 

Their rings are as different as they are though, Carrie Underwood’s yellow diamond engagement ring has a diamond pave halo.  Katy Perry’s ring is set in a wide yellow gold band that features some detailing.  Check out both of their rings for some idea of the diversity that exists within the offerings for yellow diamond engagement rings. 

Alternatively, don’t forget that if you want to incorporate the sentiments of a yellow diamond but are concerned your girlfriend might have her heart set on a white diamond, you can always choose a ring that uses canary diamonds as accents.  A three-stone ring with a white center diamond and yellow diamonds on the side is a popular option. 

1.25ct tw Natural Fancy Yellow Diamond Fashion Engagement Ring set in 18k GoldThere is some disagreement about the best way to enhance a yellow diamond.  While some think that a yellow gold setting compliments the canary diamond’s hue, others think that it can mask the brilliance and brightness of the diamond.  Some think that a white gold or platinum setting allows the yellow diamond to shine and show off its vivid flair. 

Take a look at both options and decide what feels right for you.  One thing that most experts agree on is that accenting a yellow diamond engagement ring with white diamonds or other colors on the yellow spectrum such as red is never a bad idea.  Some innovators, like Tiffany’s, offer yellow diamond engagement rings in rose gold settings for an unexpected yet surprisingly flattering look. 

No matter what design nuances you choose for your ring, don’t forget to inquire about if the color of the diamond is natural or artificial.  While many jewelers take pride in using only naturally colored fancy diamonds, artificially colored diamonds do exist.

0.95Ct Yellow Canary Princess Diamond Trilogy Engagement Ring 14Speaking of Tiffany’s, this classically sophisticated high end jeweler is famous for their connection to the largest yellow diamond ever found.  At 287.42 carats before it was cut, this diamond has been praised as one of the finest examples of color and cut in the history of diamonds.  You might have heard of the Hope Diamond and its famed large size but even at a staggering 45.5 carats it’s more than twice as small as the Tiffany Yellow Diamond. 

It’s no surprise then that this company’s high standard of quality extends to diamonds more suitable to the average person, and they have a variety of yellow diamond engagement rings.  Of course, other large-scale jewelers like Tacori and Zales have extensive selections of yellow diamond engagement rings.  Yellow diamonds are experiencing a moment of popularity along with the rise of vintage style engagement rings. 

Yellow diamonds are especially suited to a halo setting with white diamonds, to enhance their brilliance, and halo settings are often associated with antique and vintage style rings.  Most retailers will have some offerings of antique style engagement rings featuring yellow diamonds.  This is one style to consider if you want to infuse your modern lack of conventionality with old world romance. 

As a new age dawns in your life, signify the radiance that she exudes by giving her a ring to match her vivacious spirit and the cheer that she brings to your days with a yellow diamond engagement ring.  The diamond that you give her should be as rare as she is.  If you are looking for a color that can brighten up a room like she does, a yellow diamond engagement ring might be just the thing.