The abandoning of integrity in modern-day journalism.

Lately there has been a lot of talk about the newsletters once released under Ron Paul’s name and  if you've been tuned into the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary then you’ve most likely stumbled upon articles promoting this fallacy.  This is simply a reaction to those articles and not a comment on the candidate’s actual policy. Really, this article aims to point out a blatant problem in the media today, one that is no secret but is growing ever more obscene by the day.   

If you've happened to miss the story here are few details to catch up with. Basically circa the late 80's and early 90's Ron Paul released a series of newsletters under his name.  Within these newsletters were articles of an incendiary nature some of which were racist and homophobic.  Of course, these stories were uncovered during his campaign for congress, and at the time, Mr. Paul made clear that he was not the author of the articles nor was he privy to the contents within.  Rather, he stated that he acted as the publisher and never read the writings himself.  There have been numerous allegations claiming that he made roughly a million dollars from these publications however a simple google search, and please do this, will reveal how inaccurate these claims really are.   

Now it's one thing for the media to scrutinize a candidate (which is of course their job), however, it an entirely different story when the media turns scrutiny and analysis into a witch-hunt.   

As a libertarian it is impossible to be racist since libertarians work on the principle of individual value-- mainly the equality of all individuals.  When the focus is individual liberty you remove the concept of social groupings.  Therefore, factors that would normally form interest groups in the eyes of republicans and democrats such as race, gender, sexual preference, or religion, do not play an influence to the politics of a libertarian.    

Of course there's also the countless endorsements that the man has been given ranging from the head of the NAACP of Texas to numerous members of the gay community.  Meanwhile, rather than pointing out the diverse support that is given to Ron Paul, the media attempts to link the support given to him by some racist groups as evidence that Ron Paul himself is racist. Strange how this never became an issue with Obama and a certain reverend.   

The problem is that the facts stated above mean nothing to the media.  It's not ignorance that drives the perpetual slander train.  Rather this beast is conducted as a means to facilitate a "journalist’s" own agenda.  Like a horse with blinders, they charge forward allowing their end to justify any mean it takes to promulgate a personal goal.  Whether that agenda be to amplify the writers own voice by persuading readers through the use of obscene libel or simply to increase sales and strike controversy to increase readership.  Welcome to the modern evolution of Yellow Journalism.