Yello sunglasses may refer to either yellow sunglasses frames or yellow lenses.  Either way, you are making a bold fashion statement when you choose to wear yellow colored sunglasses. Yellow sunglasses are offered by all types of brands from luxury to simple eyewear manufacturers. They are very good in protecting your eyes from ultra-violet rays coming from the sun. And the price starts from as low as $50 for some cheap colored sunglasses to $400 sunglasses from brands like Versace and Oakley.

Yellow sunglasses also have yellow tinted lenses which help to increase contrast by blocking out the blue end of the visible spectrum, resulting in a reduction of blue light. Yellow tints are a good option for sports like driving, cycling, or shooting as they enhance differences in contour and make things appear brighter even in low light levels. Yellow sunglasses give a bold and flamboyant look to the wearer as it is a bright color and enables you to stand out in a crowd. They are ideal for a day at the beach when the sunlight brushes the sea and the color yellow especially looks great and clear. That is why sunbathers see a lot of yellow hues near the beach as it makes things look vibrant. Yellow sunglasses are appropriate for informal settings like the beach, but may be inappropriate in formal settings.


There are various kinds of materials used in making frames available in the marketplace for sunglasses:



Plastic is one of the most popular materials for both sunglass lenses and frames. Plastic sunglasses are a very old technology, but today plastic is mainly used for lenses and frames. The plastic lenses are lightweight, shatter-resistant and can bring wearers great comfort.



Metal is among the most traditional materials used to make sunglass frames. These frames are very strong and can help firmly fix the sunglasses onto the wearer’s face. But metal can get twisted and turned if not handled properly. Currently, a technology called memory metals derived from memory plastic has come into use which has eliminated this problem.



Titanium is among the latest materials used to make sunglass frames. It has the merits of both plastic and metal, because they are lightweight and strong.


Memory Plastic

The developments in technology have promoted the coming of memory plastic for frames. This is a type of plastic that when twisted or turned remembers its original shape. The plastic comes back to its original shape as if it was repairing itself.


All these materials are also found in yellow sunglasses manufactured by different brands. You can buy such glasses from various sources. They are easily available from malls and retail stores where you can try them on for size, which is very important before you buy them. One can also go to branded or exclusive stores to buy your favorite sunglasses from your favorite brand. The prices you can find for these sunglasses can range anywhere from $50 to $400, but you can get discounts if you are lucky and search hard.


Another very good option is the internet, where you can have a pleasant shopping experience from the comfort of your home. There are many shopping sites exclusively for sunglasses and accessories. Here you can also get inexpensive or discounted sunglasses in your favorite brand. The prices on regular items will be the same as when you buy them from any store, but if you search for discounts you can find them for a great price. Here are some sites to visit: