Can pictures of hens and chickens tell a story?
Well, one of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales, “There Is No Doubt About It”, is the story about one little feather that grow into five hens.
You don’t have to be a poet as Hans Christian Andersen. The aim of this article is to prove that anyone can create a story, maybe even a fairy tale, by means of pictures and illustrations.
If you decorate the walls of a room with farm artwork, or hang posters with chickens and hens, then you can create a tale that can be enjoyed by all who enter the room.

Decorative Chicken Posters: White Cochins from Cassell's poultry book

White Rooster and a Hen

In the fairy tale, There Is No Doubt About It one nice white hen removes one of her tiny loose feathers. But that little feather becomes the object for gossip, and the result is that a dramatic rumor is spread: Five hens killed themselves because they removed all the feathers on their bodies in order to impress the rooster.

Rural News

A Rooster Crowing the Rural News

“There Is No Doubt About It.”
It got into the papers, it was printed; and there is no doubt about it, one little feather may easily grow into five hens.

A Country Restaurant and a Country Kitchen

A Romantic Country Kitchen

The vision of a country kitchen will most likely include images of bread, vegetables, fruits, chickens, and other animals. All served in an inviting style, and giving the viewer the feeling of the rural way of living, although in a realistic style.
But a fairy tale doesn’t have to be realistic. The story and the illustrations can be pure fantasy. The persons of the story can be replaced by funny animals.

Hens as Kitchen Chefs and Waiters

Kichen Chef Hens

In a cartoon or on a poster the whole situation can be upside down. In order to tell a funny rural story, then the food that you eat are not the chickens. Instead it is the hens who are the cooks. And the waiters are the chickens, who will be serving cakes and drinks for you and the other guests.

But what does the chicken waitress do after work? Does she go out in the city and have some fun herself? And before she does that, what then? Well, of course she takes a hot shower!

A hot chick taking a hot shower

A hot chick taking a hot shower

And after the shower? When she is dressed up very stylish, where does the hot chicken go? To a vegan restaurant or disco? And does she leave the kitchen and the restaurant like this:

Kitchen Closed

Kitchen Closed

This chick has had it. The kitchen is closed. End of Story!

Your comments about whether Farm Artwork and Chicken Posters Can Tell a Story are most welcome.
You are also very welcome to make some comments about my attempt to create a fairy tale.
Or make some comments about the Farm Artwork and the Chicken Posters shown in this article. Which one is your favorite? Would you like to be served by a chick? Or do you have comments about how the news are spread best. Is it in the countryside when the rooster crows? Or is it the city’s way of communication? Please make a comment below.
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