Yep there I was…working a lot and watching myself get fat. I am 30 and had weighed the same since I was a lean and mean seventeen years old. Then it happened…I got a great job with a great company and I gained 40 pounds.

My job required long hours but the company showed it cared about us and I didn’t even mind coming in early and working lunches to keep up. I loved the free sodas we got from the soda machine in the kitchen (the ice maker had that awesome pebble ice). The office was near Arizona State University so fast food was everywhere which made it easy for a fast and cheap lunch. Me and my work buddies knew all the spots and where to go what day. Gyros on sale on Monday. Fried chicken at Popeye’s for 2 bucks on Tuesdays, etc. And like clockwork we got sucked in to the weight gain. We all started to look alike. Ryan had less hair, Swap is Indian, Mark is Mexican/Irish but our bellies looked all alike…round and almost visibly growing. Every week we talked about doing something about it but the soda machine had Cherry Coke so we decided not to stop. Energy levels dropped so to my already super healthy diet I added energy drinks.

One day I had had enough. I was spending way too much on clothes because nothing fit me anymore. I decided to start working out. I had a gym near my house and I signed up…only to go with Ryan 3 times. I felt bad taking time away from my wife and 2 boys. I already worked too many hours and now I would take more away? There had to be another way and that’s when it hit me. When I was young I did pushups, crunches and pull-ups and I got fit fast. I would try them at work. So I set the goal of doing 50 pushups, 5 pull-ups and 50 crunches a day. People looked at me weird when they caught me doing pushups but understood. I was real uncomfortable on the floor doing crunches and my boss made me take my pull up bar down but I was still determined to make it work. I kept the pushups and started doing the crunches in my chair by bending my chest down and tightening my stomach. I had to scratch the pull ups but I replaced them for air squats. (see how to do these at I also decided to ditch the elevator and start walking up the 11 stories to my office.

Strange things began to happen. Even though my diet hasn’t improved a whole lot I decided to cut back a lot. I have been losing 10 pounds a month on average and I feel great. I am almost back to my normal weight and I have more energy than before. I am up to 200 pushups a day, 75 air squats, 100 chair crunches and I go up the 11 stories of stairs twice a day. Recently I have added bands to work on other muscle areas like biceps and triceps and my results are getting even better.

I donated my “fat clothes” to Goodwill and am back to my old duds. I’m no expert on exercise but I can’t argue with results.