Ok so it's not as labor some as I said,

But somedays it can be!

I'm so tired of being asked where do you work? Then seeing shocked and puzzled looks when I say I'm a stay home mom. Yes I work. I work very hard. I just don't get a paycheck every month. Besides, staying home all day isn't for the weak of heart! 

"So what do you do all day?"

You're probably wondering too

I do Lots! Have you ever seen leave it to beaver? Mrs. Cleaver makes it look so easy. The reality is its not. While many women still choose to work outside the home. We instead spend our days cooking, cleaning, and chasing kid(s). Try staying all day everyday for a week- you'll probably think twice before asking "that" question again. 

How do you keep from going insane?

Sometimes even I question my sanity

You do things. It's simple really. In your little bit of downtime- read or take up a hobby. Don't work yourself to death. Or you could always just relax. That's real nice too. Also, I have to keep in mind that me staying home benefits the family as a whole. The kid(s) has plenty of attention and that's what's important. Giving our kids the love and nurturing they need and deserve is my main priority. It keeps me busy. 

Now you're asking, "Dont you get stir crazy?" Yeah sometimes staying home all day can take its toll. That's why hubby takes me out when he gets home sometimes. He understands that I'm home all day everyday and that I need time away just like everyone else. Don't expect yourself or someone else to stay home all day everyday; it's just not practical. 

But I can't afford it...

It's a big commitment!

It is a big step to live off one income. Sometimes, no matter how much you budget and coupon, you just don't make enough. Well, there are options. You could work part time or work from home. Being a homemaker know is a lot different than it used to be. Now, there's plenty of opportunities for a work from home income. 

Homemade income
Answering surveys for cash is simple. You have your opinion and I have mine. Companies want both of our opinions, better yet they'll pay for it!
Jobs like ameriplan, jewelry in candles, kitsy lane, etc the list goes on and on. 
You can even sell your projects. If you like to make things. Why not get paid to?

Is being a stay home parent a five star experience?

Being a Homemaker Mrs. Mav 2014-01-07 5.0