Yes You Can Inexpensively Cater Your Own Party

Fifteen dollars per plate!  Are you crazy? I don’t want to buy the restaurant I simply want to have my little party for twenty people catered and not go broke in the process.

Such was my first experience with catering and the cost involved.  It seemed to me that having a party catered should be simple, straight forward and most of all less expensive than a trip to Europe.

So when was the last time you had a function catered?  Was it all that you expected or did you regret it from the first minute you decided to go ahead with your catering plan?  Did it break the bank? Were you given small portions of cold food (that should have been hot) and did it end up costing more than if you would have sponsored a school for homeless children in a third world country?

I say to you “No More.”  Catering a function should be an enjoyable experience and in fact can be but not if you hire it done.  How about doing it yourself?  I know, I know you’re thinking to yourself I can’t do that.  It costs too much and the time it takes to set it all up is prohibitive.  Well, simply put, you are wrong.  I have catered my last three little functions myself and have done it for less than $5.00 per person as compared to fifteen dollars per person as is the average going price these days.

There are some questions that must be answered before you begin your catering journey.  First of all how many people will attend and what type of food do they prefer?  It is an easy process to learn the answers.  All your invitations should include an RSVP.  Generally when people receive this type of invitation they do respond so you’ll get a pretty accurate estimate of the number of attendees.  Secondly, by simply asking what type of food they prefer you’ll get an assortment of answers from which you can chose the best foods that you know your guests will enjoy.

And now it is time to shop.  You’ve selected the foods that you’ve determined to be most popular.  Next step is to find some coupons for those items.  I know it sounds cheap but really, why not save some money?  Everybody does it and it makes perfect sense to take a few minutes with the newspaper or online coupon site to save a pretty substantial amount of money.

One secret I’ve learned is that spicy food is a good choice as people are careful in their consumption of this type of food.  They fear adverse reactions.  Heart burn is never a good thing and can ruin a fun evening.  Secondly, food that is attractive is normally well received.  Colorful pasta dishes are simple to prepare, taste great and take very little time to prepare.  They are also inexpensive which is your goal, right?  The third point I’d like to make is this; you don’t have to serve steak to make your guests feel loved.  They’ll be just as happy with a hamburger or hot dog when it is served to them in a friendly atmosphere surrounded by their friends.

In the end you can cater your own party and have money (and food) left over.  The cost per serving with the menu I’ve listed should be no more than $3.00-$5.00 per person.  At that price you could even rent a couple of popular movies, put them in the DVD player and enjoy an evening that nobody will ever forget.  Especially you because you’ve saved a ton of money, made people happy and have enough food left over to serve an army for the next few days.

Don’t be scared of catering your own party.  It’s fun.  Really it is.  Go for it!