You Can Be A Ladies' Man Too

A love life is something that seems to escape a lot of men. If you are one of those men then you already know that getting to know the opposite sex is challenging and yet you cannot put your finger on the reason why it is so difficult. You may start thinking that you are not good-looking enough when in reality that may not even be a small factor. There are some things that you can do to improve your dating success and meet women every week, and here are some of the tips that will help you.

No Pressure

The first mistake that guys make when trying to meet women is that they put way too much pressure on themselves and also on the women you are looking to meet. You are looking for a date and if later on the date turns into something more serious, then that is great; today however you look at it as more than just a date. You may also feel pressure from your family and friends because everyone is waiting for you to get a girlfriend or find something more serious. You would do well to ignore those outside pressures because they will never help.

To get rid of the pressure is a mental exercise so you may need to change a few things about the way you think about dating and asking girls out. You should never expect a date to turn into something more serious, and you should never look at a girl as a future wife when you are first talking to her. Though she is a potential girlfriend, she is not a girlfriend yet. Right now you are looking to meet more women and if you find the special one great; if not then you can just keep looking. The main thing that you have to get into your mind is that you do not really need a girlfriend, but you are open to the idea. That way if there is a rejection it will not matter much; translation: goodbye pressure.

Look The Part

So you like sports, and most guys do. That does not mean that you have to wear your favorite team’s jersey everywhere you go. If most of your wardrobe has a sport team’s logo then it is time to go shopping for something new. The right polo shirt can do wonders for you especially when matched with the right pants and shoes. You want to look like a grown up if you  taken seriously when you are looking to meet women.

Make sure that you understand what colors and prints can do for you. Darker colors are slimming and vertical stripes are slimming. Make sure that you get a good-looking watch (not necessarily expensive and do the same with shoes and a belt. You should always try to look your best because even though there are better spots to meet women, you never know where you will find the one that you want to ask out.

You should also make sure that you have a good haircut that goes with your features and that you shower once or twice a day. Brushing your teeth at least three times a day will give you a better looking smile. If your smile needs some help then head to the dentist for a whitening treatment and regular cleaning.

Smell The Part

 Whether you want to believe it or not, the way you smell could be more important than the way you look. Women will go for a guy that is average looking, but smells good before a great looking guy who smells bad. If you do not believe that statement is true, then all you need to do is ask the women that you already know. It does not have to even be the most expensive cologne either; sometimes the subtle smell of your soap will be enough. Of course you want to invest in cologne, but when you do it is important to choose the right one. Go with something soft and never over do it. You want the smell to be there but not overpowering everything else. You do not want a girl to get close and start sneezing.

Go To The Right Places

Now that you are looking and smelling good, it is time to know what the right place to meet women is. The first thing that usually comes to mind is either a bar or a club. The truth is that those places are full of women so there is always a chance, but they are also packed with competition. Someone once said that women go to a club to dance while men go to a club to pick up women. Fortunately you do not have to go to those places to meet women.

Some of the better places, more quiet places to meet women are often overlooked. Some of the places you could try include book stores, coffee shops, grocery stores and museums. That is because you will find smart available women in those places that are not expecting an approach. Your strategy here is to start a conversation and you should not go directly into how beautiful she is. A conversation is your ice breaker and at the end of it you can ask for a number or a way to get in touch with her to keep the conversation going.

Your Confidence

We have all seen the movie where the girl finds the shy guy irresistible; that is a good story for a movie because it does not really happen (not that much anyway). The good news is that if you have followed the grooming, clothing and other advice found here your confidence should go up anyway. Women can tell how confident you are from the way you walk and the way you talk. You need to make eye contact without over doing it when talking to a girl. There is a line between sexy and creepy that you should not cross.

Do not be afraid to prepare a couple of ice breakers before you go, but you need to make them come out sounding natural and not rehearsed. A witty comment can do wonders, and no magic tricks as an opening line. If you have gotten rid of the pressure then the confidence will be right there. You should work not only on the way others see you, but also on the way you see yourself. You are only as good as you think you are, so if you see how good you are and how great you can be, then that is the image that you will project.