There are many ways to make money online by writing articles or utilizing website affiliation. However, a new concept has begun to appear in the last few years. This concept derives its monetary base off of social networking.

Imagine if you will, a scenario wherein you are paid to use Myspace or Facebook. All you have to do is socialize or network in the manner you are accustomed.

Neither of those sites are revenue sharing friendly. Their users make the owners millions of dollars on a regular basis and they only say the occasional thank you to their virtual friends.

With that in mind the point of this article comes to light. There are actually sites that pay you in some fashion to socialize.

These sites use different payment methodologies but are known to be legitimate. Each of them has their shares of pros and cons as well.

Yuwie for instance is somewhat spamming in its appearance and is quite add heavy. This would be the major con.

However, the pro for this site is that with every page of the site you view, or with every person that views a page of yours, you are credited toward a monthly payout. When you add in their ten level deep referral plan it becomes quite evident that you can make a nice supplemental income simply by socializing.

The bad news is that you will have to socialize a lot if you do not steadily gain referrals that also refer others. Still, this is not a bad site to use. If you forget the monetary aspects and simply enjoy yourself with a few interesting people you'll find it entirely too much fun.

Mylot is a site that pays you to post comments and interesting topic ideas. Imagine a typical discussion forum where you get paid simply to debate with people about any old random thing you like. That is Mylot in a nutshell.

Again the direct payment from the site is quite low, however it has many useful methods to aid you in your online endeavors. They have a system, for instance, that allows you to hire people to do things for you. Theoretically you could join Mylot. You could then hire people for a few pennies to join as your referral to various other sites. Who knows some of them might even use the service and make you a residual income.

I intend to try this method soon to verify if it might work. I'll be certain to keep all of you interested internet seekers abreast of my discovery!

Neither of the above sites is a get rich quick scheme. In fact if you do not approach them as simply a fun way to make loose change you will be quite disappointed. The best way to earn with either is to have a large audience for your referral links or simply enjoy spending time on the site with cool and interesting people.