Since publishing short profiles of Asia's Most Beautiful Women back in June 2014, and following it with roundups featuring the finest beauties in China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan, readers and Facebook commentators have alerted me to other ravishing ladies from the world's most populous continent. So here, in no particular order, are another seven easy-on-the-eye women from the Far East. Some are more than just pretty faces, having considerable talents beyond their looks.

Hiromi OshimaHiromi OshimaCredit:

Born in Tokyo on January 6, 1980, Hiromi Oshima is best known for becoming the second-ever Japan-born model chosen to be a Playboy Playmate. She gained this status in June 2004, more than three decades after Lieko English (born in Okinawa but raised in Oklahoma) became the very first. Ms. Oshima didn't enter the world of modeling while in Japan; relocating to Florida soon after her 21st birthday, a few coincidences and strokes of good luck brought her to the attention of one of the magazine's photographers. Since then her career has included brief appearances in movies and pop videos, as well as lots of conventional commerical modeling.

Ms. Oshima (who some say resembles Chinese-American movie star Lucy Liu) has been quoted as saying: "I could never have been a model in Japan. I would be considered too busty." What she means is she would've fallen between two stools: the super-slim girls favored for clothing advertisements on the one hand, and the top-heavy stunners who appear in the softcore niche known as gravure on the other.

Waka InoueCredit: Waka Inoue's website

Waka Inoue

Thousands of men say no one fills a bikini better than Waka Inoue - search online, and it's not easy to find images of her wearing anything other than a two-piece swimsuit - so it was a sad moment for some when she retired from that line of work in 2010. Ms. Inoue, born in 1980 to a mother who was a noted stage actress in Japan, has since transitioned into a TV actress and presenter.Emi TakeiCredit:

Emi Takei

Born on Christmas Day 1993, Emi Takei is one of the youngest ladies on this list. She was just 13 when she entered a modeling contest and won in not one but two categories. Soon branching out from modeling clothes and swimwear, she's recorded pop songs (one single made the Top 10 in her native Japan) and has appeared in no fewer than 18 TV series and soap operas since 2009.

The photo posted here is the one of very few in which she's wearing glasses - a shame, as she pulls off the nerdy-yet-stunning look every bit as well as Elly Tran Ha.

Fan BingbingCredit:

Fan Bingbing

Already very well-known in China and among ethnic Chinese communities beyond, especially Taiwan, the 34-year-old Fan Bingbing has attained a new level of fame in the past year thanks to her playing the title character in The Empress of China. A blockbuster TV series loosely based upon the life of Wu Zetian (died 705 AD), the only woman in China's long history to officially attain the rank of ruling empress, critics have denounced the show as being very far indeed from known history, and dependent for its appeal on the cleavages of Fan and half a dozen other young actresses. (In the China of long ago, proper ladies never revealed nearly as much flesh as The Empress of China would have you believe).

Fan had a small role in Iron Man 3 (cut from the version shown outside China), and played a mutant nicknamed "Blink" in 2014's X-Men: Days of Future Past. If anyone is poised to seize Gong Li's crown as queen of China's big-screens, it's the porcelain-skinned Fan. Here are clips recorded during the making of The Empress of China:

Peachy EstoquePeachy EstoqueCredit: Peachy Estoque

My previous "Beautiful Women" articles ignored the Philippines for no good reason. It's a country full of attractive, charming ladies - I know, I live there. This is a good time to correct this omission, and I'd like to introduce to you Ms. Peachy Estoque, also known as Peachy Miel or Peachy Miel Estoque. A native of Cagayan de Oro City on the southern island of Mindanao, her long hair usually has orange highlights. Given her pale skin, delicate features and alluring pout, it's a wonder this 27-year-old hasn't broken through into the Greater China market.

Azumi KinoshitaCredit: Azumi Kinoshita My SpaceAzumi Kinoshita

As you'll guess from her name, Azumi Kinoshita is yet another Japanese beauty. But it's almost certainly not her real name, as she's mainly active in the adult-movie industry. As is the norm with female porn stars, she no doubt cloaks her real identity as she one day hopes to return to a more normal existence. In addition to her clothes-off work, this 158-cm-tall busty knockout has done quite a bit of decent, family-friendly modeling.

Nattasha Nauljam

The first Thai I've written about (again, that's no reflection on the fine country of Thailand and it's lovely people), Nattasha Nauljam hit the big time thanks to her role in Suckseed, a Thai comedy released in 2011 while she was still a university student. The movie's name is a play on the English word "succeed." Nattasha - who combines girl-next-door charm with a huge and obvious sense of fun - is also a talented singer and guitarist, as evident in this video:

You may agree with my choices. You'll likely disagree, especially if you've spent any time in the Far East. Why do many many men - even those who've never traveled beyond North America or Europe - find East Asian women attractive? Some experts say it's because Asian women are more likely to possess facial features which suggest good health. According to one article, these include "wideset eyes, high cheekbones, large eyes, full lips, clear light skin, a short nose and a relatively small lower face." Only in eye-size do non-Asian women score higher than East Asians. This is perhaps why eyelid surgery is among the most popular, if not the most popular, cosmetic-surgery procedure among young Korean, Taiwanese and Chinese women.