Yeti Rambler Tumbler 20oz

Best Tumbler Ever


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The Yeti Rambler  tumbler is made out of kitchen grade 18/8 stainless steel, and has double wall vacuum insulation.  It is BPA free and is has a clear plastic lid that can be used with a straw. Yeti claims that the Rambler can hold ice 2x longer than the average plastic tumbler, and I can verify that is true, at least in my testing.  This is by far the best tumbler I have every owned, and I own quite a few from a competing company.

I am sure most folks who know of the Yeti brand can attest to the quality and performance of Yeti coolers, and the Rambler is no exception.  I purchased two Yeti Rambler 20oz tumblers from Yeti, a week ago for $29.99 a piece, and I am not disappointed. You might say, wow that is one expensive tumbler, but it is worth every penny. I have been using the Rambler's daily ever since, I bought two to keep them in rotation, so I always have one clean and ready to use.  It has served duty holding my frosty adult beverages when I am manning the grill in 90 degree Georgia heat, and has done an exceptional job of keeping my beverages frosty cold.  I will also say that I use the Rambler daily as my water cup at work.  When I get to work I put ice in it in the morning and have never had to replenish the ice throughout the day.  It is nice having a cold beverage on hand all day long. Just to give this awesome beverage holder a test, I filled the cup with ice and water and left the cup in my car while attending church this past Sunday. When I came back to the car after leaving the tumbler for an hour baking in the Georgia sun inside my car, the cup was still full of ice.  

Overall I am super satisfied with the Yeti Rambler, but there are a few things worth mentioning. One is that Yeti does not recommend the cup being cleaned in the dishwasher, so manual washings are required. Not a big deal, but it is something you should be aware of. Also they don't recommend leaving the Rambler in the freezer, also not a big deal, but don't plan on "frosting" your Rambler in your freezer. The Yeti Rambler may be the most overbuilt tumbler in the world, but it is well worth the price.