Yin Yang Best Friend Necklaces

Yin Yang Best Friend Necklaces for Cheap

Best friend necklaces are fun pieces of interactive jewelry that come apart and return together - just like the two best friends they are meant to represent. These kinds of necklaces are popular amongst teen girls and older free spirits as they signify deep and abiding friendship - once the pieces are together, the image is whole!

The yin yang is especially well suited for being made into best friend necklaces and pendants. The yin yang is an ancient symbol of the universe and metaphysical laws. The circumference signifies everything; the totality of existence summed up in a unity. However, the inner shapes demonstrate that the universe is comprised of different yet harmoniously blended elements, known as the yin and the yang.

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The possibilities and metaphors that spiral out from this central tenet are limitless: man and woman, old and young, life and death, light and dark, sickness and health, good and evil, sane and insane, fast and slow, hot and cold, small and large, and so onward toward infinity.

The yin yang has become a very well recognized image with global appeal. To many fans it simply means harmony or flow. Yin yang best friend necklaces are very popular because they signify how two friends can be complete opposites and yet still fit together perfectly.

Best friend necklaces are more fun when their images symbolize something meaningful to the two friends wearing and keeping them, so if you and your friend often joke about how the two of you are complete opposites then you would probably do well to get them a yin yang best friend necklace.

How to Get Your Yin Yang Best Friend Necklaces

There are two major ways to go about getting your best friend necklaces: for one you could buy them online or in a local jewelry shop. Places like amazon.com have great specials on best friend necklaces and will even offer rush shipping or shipping discounts on large orders.

If you want to make your best friend necklaces even more personal, you can buy some cheap colored sculpey or modeling clay from a local hobby shop and fashion your own best friend necklaces to give to your best friend. The easiest way to do this is to make the shape you are aiming for first and make it whole. Then take an exacto knife or sculpey knife and cut the pendant into two interlocking pieces. Now you can bake them in our oven, wait for them to dry, and even put a protective glaze on them if you're so inclined.

Now, when you go to give your best friend gifts, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you made it yourself, and your friend will be flattered to know you cared enough to do so. Better yet, you and your friend can get together and design and create your necklaces together. This way, you can be sure that your necklaces will have personal meaning for both of you, since you will have shared the experience of creating them together.

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