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If you are on your way to becoming a yoga girl, then you should stay updated with the hottest items when deciding what to wear to yoga. As yoga is becoming increasingly popular in today's world (as it should, it's absolutely amazing for you), technology is quickly advancing as is the popularity of this wonderful activity.

The following is a list of the top 5 hottest trending items to consider purchasing for your yoga practice. Not only is this gear great looking, it is extremely effective! These items will help you get more out of your practice. If you really want to be a yoga girl, then anything that will make your workout experience better is something that should certainly be considered! Let's take a look at the list!

Split-Toe Yoga Footwear

Although this new footwear is becoming more popular with mainstream sports such as soccer, football, and basketball...these shoes can definitely help with your yoga practice! The split-toe design of these shoes will help give you a more natural grip while helping you keep your balance. The deep groove flexes in the outsole will still make you feel like you are barefoot, while at the same time will give you great traction to keep you from slipping off of your yoga mat!

 Split-Toe Yoga FootwearCredit: trendhunterIf you are really working up a sweat (especially while doing hot yoga!) these shoes contain natural fibers coming from volcanic rock that will help absorb any odor. A big bonus of these shoes are that they were designed so that you don't need to wear socks with them.

They will provide extra support and traction while still feeling very natural to your body. A must-have for any yoga girl, especially if you will be training somewhere without a mat!

Stylishly Wrapped Workout Socks

If you don't like wearing shoes, but don't like the idea of working out barefoot, then these are for you! Workout socks are becoming increasingly popular because they are super comfortable, but provide you with that extra layer of support that some people really love.

Wrap socks such as the ones in this picture not only do the job of protecting you from the ground, but they also look great! If you are going to be a yoga girl, then knowingStylishly Wrapped Workout SocksCredit: trendhunter that you look good while practicing will only give you more motivation to continue working hard at your yoga practice.

Many of these socks have ribbons that wrap around your ankles to provide you with great support. This is the same concept of point shoes that ballerina's wear. On top of extra protection, most of these socks have grips on the bottom so that you don't slip off of your yoga mat!

When deciding what to wear to yoga, give these stylish, effective socks a shot. No more slipping, and they look great...what more could a yoga girl ask for?

Arm Strap Gym Bags

While some yogi's don't like wearing accessories while practicing, this next piece of yoga gear is so awesome that it had to be included in this list. Not only do these arm straps have a place for your iPhone, they have separate pockets for ID cards, keys, and headphones!

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If you are working out in a studio, then you probably feel confident leaving your valuables out of reach...but if you decide to do some yoga somewhere less secure, this product is a great idea! Instead of losing things in the sand at the beach when you want to show your friends your newest pose, get one of these arm straps and keep all of your valuables safe and secure.

Magnetized Exercise Mats

Although this product doesn't have to do with what to wear to yoga, it is one of the most important things to have for your practice! Magnetized yoga mats had to be added to this list because they are one of the greatest ideas for one of the most common problems all yoga girl's uncooperative yoga mat!

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These mats contain magnets inside of them that enable the mat to lay flat every time! The magnets are so small that you don't even feel them, which is important because you don't want anything obstructing your flow.

Not only will these mats give you a perfectly flat surface, but they also pack up into a smooth and compact roll. This item is a must have for any serious yoga girl!

Travel-Friendly Yoga Gloves

Finally, for those that prefer to practice without a mat, then look no further then a pair of travel-friendly yoga gloves. Many people have found that this gear can even replace their mats altogether. Yoga gloves are usually made up of natural rubber to provide you with extra traction so you don't slip during those extra sweaty workouts.

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Even if you love your yoga mat, these travel gloves can still be a vital piece of equipment to add to your arsenal because they are so small and lightweight that you can take them anywhere! There are times that you won't have your yoga mat with you, and you will be getting that itch to practice. can go right ahead if you bring your travel yoga gloves with you! Practice anywhere, and be confident that you will have that extra support and traction that you need.

As yoga becomes more and more mainstream, our society will continue to produce newer and greater ideas that will help us with our practice. Technology and yoga can often be seen as being on opposite sides of the spectrum, but sometimes when the two come together, some very innovative yoga products are the result.

If a new piece of gear will make you want to workout more often, then definitely think about picking up some of these new items. As a true yoga know your health is worth it!