Children are the delicate assets of parents and foundation of the future of
any nation. Their healthy body and powerful memory are the key players to grow the level of confidence. Unfortunately in the age of competitions kids too, compelled to suffer. They have to take pressure to come up to the expectations of their parents in studies, tests and results. Burden of homework, lack of extra curricular activities and fast food mania also impact healthy adversely in result physical and mental disorders are natural.

To keep kids healthy and hearty yoga practice is natural tool to develop confidence. It is an excellent way to relax from stress like homework, projects completion and sports activities. Even simple poses of yoga asana has efficiency to keep ailments at the bay naturally. So the regular practice of easy poses keeps up optimal health and boost brain.


Yoga the real meaning

The discipline of body, mind and soul that aims to heal naturally and enhances the efficiency of human body as well as brain is the real yoga. Actually the word "Yoga" has derived from Sanskrit word "Yuj" which means union. It is obvious that the unique activity is union of physical, mental and spiritual states of body.

The excellent workout is known to heal lots of ailments unknowingly if practiced mannerly and continuously. The meditative practice improves flexibility, increases strength and enhances memory. It helps to relieve stress, improves concentration and care heart lowering cholesterol.

Easy to do yoga poses for kids

Though there are lots of yoga asanas which are easier to do by kids as beginner and get benefits with regular practice. Some of them are following : -

Happy Baby Pose

PersonalThe easy to do yoga pose is popularly known as "Ananda Balasana". It is not merely easy but also a fun that improve functioning of immune system and strengthens the backbone stretching spinal cord.

Practice happy baby pose in steps : 

  • The kid has to inhale properly through nose and lay down supine on the yoga mat.
  • Then breathe out slowly.
  • Afterwards bend knees towards belly and then hold feet.
  • Stay in the posture for at least 10 seconds.
  • Finally lower down legs making them free slowly.

Flower Pose

PersonalFlowers pose is "Balasana"  in Hindi. The easiest posture works better to build strength and improves the capacity to balance oneself.

Steps to do it : -

  • First the kid has to sit on the flat surface keeping the spinal cord straight
  • Second hold the legs with hands bending legs and both knees in opposite direction
  • Third try to stay in the posture for at least 30-45 seconds
  • Finally lower down legs slowly to relax

Lion Pose

PersonalThe yoga asana is popularly known as "Simhasana" that results better in stretching the lower body. It calms the mind relieving stress in child.

Steps to Follow : 

  • During practice Simhasana the practitioner has to sit down bending knees backwards inhaling deeply.
  • Then take tongue out opening mouth.
  • Finally exhale out making loud sound through mouth as roar.
  • About 15 times repetition results well.

Corpse Pose

Corpse pose is the most relaxing among all yoga poses. It is known as "Savasana". It helps kids to suppress tension. The easy to do yoga checks headaches relaxing the mind relieving stress. Never skip the last one because it recharge the body providing rest.

How to practice it : 

  • Firstly the kid has to lie on the floor keeping hands and leg straight.
  • Secondly palm should place on the floor.
  • Finally eyes must close being relaxed the kid should try to calm and focussed for at least 10-15 minutes.

Precaution for beginners

To enjoy and get better result precautions should take.

  • Avoid eating at least two hours before yoga practice
  • Move slowly, breathe deeply and balance breath linking it to movements of the body
  • Keep on breathing properly. Neglect misconception of holding breath to begin pose and release when pose is over
  • Begin it under supervision of expert practitioner
  • Always select open airy place to do yoga asana.

Disclaimer - Yoga has lots of experienced results and its healing power cannot be denied. But to begin it always follow instructions of the expert practitioner. Variable result are natural, so the content writer does not claim any cure of ailments.

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