For many, getting their yoga teacher certification is the next logical step on their journey to yoga mastery. While yoga teaching is still a pretty unregulated business, getting a serious yoga teacher certification is the first step towards the professionalization of the profession and will give you more chances to teach yoga and open your own academy later down the road. Already, some standards are being set in the field, notably by the Yoga Alliance. The yoga certified courses offered by the organization consist of a 200 hour course and 500 hour course. The 500 hour course is the most desirable one and the one you should aim for ideally. A good thing to do is to take first the 200 hour yoga certification program and then move on to the other. Before attempting any of these yoga teacher certification course you should already be experienced, that is to say have at least a year experience at the very minimum, a couple of years preferably.

These courses will give you a solid base and once you graduate you will officially be a certified yoga instructor. Of course, these are not the only yoga teacher certification courses in town, there are other from other bodies and institutes. It is always a good idea to go for a course offered by a recognized institute rather than a more obscure one even if the cost is more attractive with the latter. Whatever economy you would make now you would pay later by not having given yourself full opportunity to succeed. Regarding the length of yoga teacher certifications, be wary of courses that are too short, most of them will not give you the training and expertise necessary to be an effective and knowledgeable yoga instructor.

If you want to specialize in a certain style of yoga like yoga bikram or other you will have to follow a specialization course on top of your basic instruction. For that you need to train with a master in this style. If you live in a smaller city this can be difficult. Not essential but always interesting is to, once your yoga teacher certification is complete, go to India to follow some yoga lessons there. You could even take the opportunity to specialize in one the various yoga style there. This could give you an edge over the competition. India is a fascinating country and as an adept of yoga you should make a point of visiting the birthplace of the discipline to absorb the sights, sounds and smells of the place. Always remember that yoga learning is an ongoing process, a life long journey where one should aways consider himself a student of the art and that your yoga teacher certification is only the first step.