Is Yola still up to the hype?

There are plenty of website builders out there, from Webs, to Wix, to Weebly, and lots more. Yola is a website builder that focuses on ease of use and availability to people who have never coded before, but would like to build a website for their business or personal use. 

In recent years Yola has gained in popularity and there has been a fair bit of hype around it, but with competitors like Weebly, and Wix is it still the best option?

Ease of use:

Yola is still one of the easiest site builders out there, and anybody can learn how to use it in a matter of minutes. However, in recent years with competitors Weebly and flash site builders Yola has become less of a standout in this category. Despite that, it still earns a 4/5 stars in this category and people new to coding and the web will find it easy to use and understand what you're doing. 


However good any piece of software, or other product for that matter is, if the price is too high, that rules it out for many people. There are 4 different packages for Yola; Free, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Free is like most other free website builders, in that you have to use a (yoursite) domain name, which looks unprofessional, and should only be used to test if you like the interface.

Bronze is fine for small websites like local shops and charities that will not receive lots of traffic and it is $4.95 per month. The drawback to Bronze is it has a Yola footer ad (visible but not popping in the users face) and there is no SEO or premium styles (not a problem for most small websites). 

Silver is Yola's most popular package and for good reason. At $9.95 a month or $99 a year (includes a free .com domain name of your choice), it comes with all professionally designed styles for your website, instant setup so your site is up and running in minutes, and a tool to help you make mobile versions of your site and Facebook Pages in just a few clicks. If you run a small business where many of your customers will be browsing on their smartphones or tablets that is a great feature that can really help your business. 

Lastly there is Gold, which is for bigger websites that need higher upload capacity and expect more traffic. Gold is $19.95 a month or $199 a year and the main advantages are that it has much higher upload and traffic capacity and that Yola does your sites search engine optimization for you so you don't have to spend hours building backlinks or submitting to directories. 

Yola is not the cheapest service out there but for the reliability and convenience of hosting, domains, and website in one place it is not on the high end of the spectrum either so we will give it a 3.5/5


All the paid Yola packages (Bronze, Silver, Gold) come with free telephone and online support 24/7 and support is helpful and wait times are short to nonexistent. 4.5/5


All the standard features of website builders but easy access to meta tags and titles make Yola on the high end of the spectrum. Also, you can easily add HTML if you want to put your own widegets on, or use their wealth of premade widgets for forums, blogs, commenting, social integration, etc. 4/5

Overall Conclusion

Overall Yola is an impressive website builder and while it's not number one at everything, it certainly gets the job done and is a well rounded and easy to use website builder. In total Yola has earned 4 out of 5 stars in our review, and is highly recommended.