I just got back from a weekend in Yorba Linda. I imagine 90% of you are scratching your heads, where is that you say? Well tucked away in the north region of Orange County in California, near Santa Ana, lies the beautiful Yorba Linda.

This is a place that has it all including low crime living, beautiful golf courses, nature at every street corner and the odd wildfire! The setting behind the city are the Anaheim Hills which were plagued last year by fires yet the Yorba Linda real estate market is still thriving. The people who live here always had a smile on their face, but that could have something to do with the average household income being around the $120,000 mark.

California is pushing their tourism hard right now, especially to their northern neighbors who's dollar is almost on par and love to get out of the cold. I for one am all for flooding the great state of California with money so I thought I'd do my part and help spread the word. If I had the chance to get my American citizenship then California is the only other place besides New York City where I'd want to live. So back to Yorba Linda, a quiet little city that has a dozen and one things to do yet I only managed to tackle half during my weekend.

There are a handful hotels in Yorba Linda and nothing out of the ordinary, and nothing gross and seedy from what I could tell. I poured over a dozen hotels in the area and read the reviews for at least a dozen. Keep in mind, Yorba Linda isn't a huge place so when it came time to pick one I wanted it somewhat near the freeway. After reading a bunch of reviews I ended up staying at the Ayres Suites which had nothing but good things to say about the place, and I managed to get it for less than $70 USD a night. I was expecting Travelodge quality at that price but I was quite shocked to see the large and really clean rooms...nothing at all like a Travelodge! With the deal I got on the flight down here and now the low cost of an awesome hotel suite I was feeling pretty good and ready to soak up some sun.

I've been to a lot of the smaller towns in California, mostly for weekend getaways where I like to just relax. I'll take full advantage of the sun by hitting the golf course, tennis or rent a mountain bike. Those three sports go hand in hand with anywhere in California so you'll have no problem finding either. I'll admit there wasn't a whole lot to see in respect to tourism, perhaps I should say there was nothing that was too "touristy", which isn't a bad thing at all. I never managed to find anyone to play tennis with so I Google'd around for a good golf course, and it didn't take me long to find the Black Gold Golf Club. The club was picture perfect and I would have enjoyed my stay even if I didn't take to the course with my clubs. With the lush greens parked below the hills, below the deep blue ocean colored skies, I tee'd off for an afternoon of some of the best golfing I've experienced in all of California.

What makes this town so intruging is the fact that it isn't a tourist trap so you're pretty much in with the locals. There aren't any theme parks here or so much as a guy walking around with Yorba Linda shirts for sale. So what else can you do? Well I recommended mountain biking which if you're any sort of shape is most enjoyable. The area has tons of trails in and out of the forests so it makes for either a crazy wild off roading bike adventure, or a leisurely cruise in nature. Other than that, you can get a cab or a bus to and be on the beach within 20-30 minutes, depending on the traffic and mode of transportation you take.

I saved the best for last, or at least my favorite part for last which is of course the cuisine. California restaurants are famous for using local ingredients which makes for an exceptional dining experience. Yorba Linda has a few spots that I managed to hit up, sadly by myself on this mini vacation, but regardless my belly is thanking the fine chef's of the area. Now up here in Vancouver I do not get many good Mexican/Southwestern style food so I take full advantage when I'm down here. The first night I got in, Friday, I was told to check out theBlue Agave Southwestern Grill which is in the heart of Yorba Linda. Started and lead by Chef George Gallardo, this place could have drained my entire bank account provided I could have eaten that much. The appetizers were so yummy they could have been the meal, but I opted for the Arizona Chicken Mole Enchiladas which were sexy...is that proper?

On Saturday night I was off to another recommended restaurant, and this time I was going to sample the local cuisine in all its glory. I was told to not miss going toThe Wild Artichoke which is owned by Chef James D'Aquila. This restaurant is know as Yorba Linda's best kept secret, only that it really isn't a secret. I got a taste of fine dining in the OC and for the meal I had including wine, an appetizer and my main course for just shy of $100 USD. This time though I had the company of a couple from Oregon that I had met at the hotel so it was a pleasurable evening.

Well all in all it was a great weekend and that's all I could manage to do in my short weekend. Hopefully if you're thinking about a trip to California you'll consider a taste of Yorba Linda. If you're like me, and have been all over California then this place would really be up your alley, away from all the usual hot spots.