With so many commercials on television today about this furnace or that, it is hard to know which one to buy. We picked the York furnace and have scoured the internet for ratings and reviews to aid in your furnace selection.

Upon our search of York furnace ratings, we found many consumer forums discussing advantages or disadvantages to York furnaces. The consensus points to the York being one of the best furnaces you can purchase today.

The York is 97.5% efficient in the 60,000 BTU models and has the modulating gas valve--having many stages of heat is better than two in terms of comfort. Furthermore, the lifetime heat exchanger warranty that York offers is a wonderful addition and is very good to have.

One forum discussion of York furnace ratings stated that the York furnace is a much better model and York has really done some great things with their furnaces in the last few years. For instance in the York furnace they have used a "different" method then other brands on their heat exchanger.

That particular York furnace mentioned has a 20-year Heat Exchanger giving York kudos as the all around better system. Efficiency indications would lead you in the York direction as well.

By purchasing a York by year’s end, you could qualify for the $1500 tax credit (or 30% of total install cost).

Another consumer forum for York furnace ratings stated that York, unlike many of the other manufacturers of modulating furnaces is a true modulating furnace. That includes a modulating gas valve, a completely variable blower motor, and variable gas venting motor.

Features other competitors are lagging behind. The York unlike the competition modulators; has more than five gas valve positions. The York modulates from around 40% to 100% in 1% increments; what that means is total comfort control.

Next, look inside a York and compare it to the complexity of parts in a carrier. The York runs on a standard four-wire thermostat. Meaning that with a York, there is no need to install a complex and expensive thermostat to operate a modulating furnace that is actually just a 5-stage furnace.

The modulating furnace is 98% efficient and the quietest furnace on the market. Also with the patented drain pan in the York, no need for an external condensate trap. The York furnace is a true multi-unit; it will work in all four positions. The furnace is absolutely ahead of its competition in its capability.

One consumer went so far as to post their York furnace ratings as being five stars out of five stars. Not only was the furnace quieter than their previous furnace; but their gas bill went down at least 40%!

This consumer was so excited and said that with that kind of efficiency, the unit could pay for itself in not time. No matter which furnace you purchase, there will always be the good with the bad; our goal here was to show real York furnace ratings and hopefully aid you in your decision.