What You Need to Know About Yoranian Crosses

We sometimes refer to a Pomeranian Yorkie mix as a Yoranian, and these are small, cute little dogs. A Yoranian is a crossbreed or designer dog, which means that it's a mixture of two already existing breeds.

What is a Yoranian?

A Yoranian is a mix between a Pomaranian and a Yorkshire Terrier. This might mean that your puppy has two Yoranian parents. More likely though your puppy will have one Pomeranian parent and one Yorkshire Terrier parent, since breeders consider this purer. A Yoranian will combine the characteristics of both its parent breeds.

What Should I Know About Designer Dogs?

If you invest in a purebred dog then we can say with almost exact certainty how big that dog will grow and what its temperament will be like, since purebreds vary very little. With designer dogs this is more difficult though, because they inherit different traits in different amounts from each parent. This is why we can only make generalisations about designer dogs, based on what we know about the two parent breeds.

How Big Will My Puppy Grow?

Pomeranians and Yorkshire Terriers are both small breeds of dog. Pomeranians usually grow to somewhere between 7 and 12 inches and weigh between about 3 and 7 pounds. Yorkshire Terriers are a little smaller than Pomeranians, generally reaching between 6 and 7 inches in height and weighing around 7 pounds.

Obviously, your dog is also going to be a fairly small animal. A Yoranian will usually be a little bigger than a Yorkshire Terrier, and will weigh around 7 pounds or so.

What Will My Dog's Coat be Like?

Pomeranians usually have mid length, straight coats and are generally white or cream in colour, though there are variations. Yorkshire Terriers have quite long coats that are straight and fine, they are usually black and tan in color. The coat of a Pomeranian Yorkie mix is usually beige or black, pure colours are unusual, and will be relatively long and straight.

Do these Dogs Have Any Coat Concerns?

All Pomeranian Yorkie mixes will require regular brushing and shampooing, and they will shed a fair amount of hair. Whether or not you will need to trim or style your Yoranian's coat will depend on its length. Whilst the majority of these dogs do not require trimming, some dogs do have the longer coats associated with Yorkshire Terriers, and these will require some styling.

What Will My Dog's Personality Be Like?

Both Pomeranians and Yorkshire Terriers are lively, affectionate and curious dogs. They are both intelligent, but can be difficult to house train, and both need a firm hand. Pomeranians tend to be a little more docile than the active Yorkshire Terrier, but both will be fine around children they know, but can be snappish with strangers. Your Pomeranian Yorkie mix is liable to be very similar in temperament to its parents.

How Much Exercise Will My New Pet Need?

A Yoranian is a small animal, so it does not need long walks. Short, daily walks should be fine, and this breed is quite comfortable living in an apartment. Yoranians are sociable animals, and become very attached to their owners, so they do not like being left alone for long periods of time.

Do Pomeranian Yorkie Mixes Have Any Health Concerns?

Crossbred dogs are usually much sturdier and healthier than purebreds due to genetic diversity. But you might want to watch out for problems common in the parent breeds. For Pomeranians this means kneecap, heart, tooth and eye problems. For Yorkshire Terriers this means tooth and eye problems as well as delicate digestion.

How Do I Know if this Cross Breed is Right for Me?

Yoranians are sweet dogs, though they will need time to get used to small children if you are thinking of getting a family dog. They make excellent companions though, and are happy in an apartment and need little exercise. If you  are thinking about getting a Yoranian it is a good idea to try and set up a visit with a local breeder if at all possible. You might also want to register for an online Yoranian owners forum to get more information about living with this breed.