Yoshi's Island

Colorful sketch of Yoshi's Island as showcased on page 6 of the Instruction Booklet.

Illustrations/artwork courtesy of Shigeru Miyamoto [She-geh-roo Me-yah-mow-toe]

It's Super NES time! For those who don't know, Super NES stands for Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Yeah, that's one of the old school players there.

A favorite, and only game playing device that we had at our house; while growing up that is. Yes, we had a PC but it could only do Solitaire, Freecell, Hearts and Minesweeper without throwing fits. Even though we had a handful of games, it was still a pretty good entertainment system.

Make Eggs, Throw Eggs

That's the first stage you'll play after the introduction to gameplay. One of the best stages to run through when you're out of eggs and need to replenish ASAP [As Soon As Possible]. File One is like a starter/warm-up. The stages start off simple and gradually increase in difficulty. This scenario repeats for each map you unlock.

Gameplay video courtesy of yoshijoe.

They walk you through the game starting from the meeting of Yoshis all the way through the first stage of map one --> Make Eggs, Throw Eggs.

0:07 is where Naval Piranha's Castle comes into view -- the building sitting in water between peaks 2 and 3.

If I'm remembering correctly, the final boss battle is at King Bowser's Castle; located in the cloud region of the map.



Spread 7 and 8 of Instruction Booklet that explains how the controls work. After all these years, I'm just now noticing that Baby Mario is sitting backwards on Yoshi's back.

The objective of each stage is to go from Start to Finish successfully. As an added bonus, if you complete every stage with a score of 100, you will unlock extra content. The content conists of a bonus game and an additional stage to play through.

Bonus games are a welcome sight because they are how you stock up on extras like: extra eggs, fire melons, ice melons, watermelons, red coin finders and bonus stars. Another biggie of gameplay is to keep Baby Mario close. Hitting an obstacle -- like enemies, spikes or even getting eaten -- will cause the baby to start crying and float away.

You have from the current star balance (circle with numbers in top left of screen) to the count of zero to catch the baby before having to start over.

Simple Trickery

There are some games out there that give a whole new meaning to trick shots. This is one of the simple ones. Bouncing eggs off of obstacles is one of many ways to get to your prime targets.

An interesting trick I learned from my older siblings involves the Naval Piranha's Castle stage. Rather than run straight into the chamber, nudge Yoshi bit by bit till the Piranha Plant comes into view. Next, aim your egg and fire.

A Blast From the Past

Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3
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(price as of Aug 17, 2015)
The Super NES console is till alive, kicking and sitting next to my PS2 Slimline. When I need to calm down, Yoshi's Island is plugged in. Often times I find myself revisiting the classics to pass the time.

In addition to the Super NES, Yoshi's Island has been released for the Nintendo handhelds (Gameboy Advance, DS and 3DS) along with a re-release for the Wii U.

I've only ever played Yoshi's Island on the SNES console. Despite the previews for Yoshi's New Island and the Wii U next gen (generation) console, my attachment to the old school console is still present. So whenever you're in need of a good wind down, how about picking up a copy of your favorite old school gem (game) and playing a few rounds.

You may have started playing worse for wear but after a couple of sessions, you're stress is sure to melt away. Till next time, enjoy the throwbacks*.

*Throwback is a term used to describe a tribute to something from one's past.