Tequila Anyone?

Inspired by Tea Party success, Latino leaders consider the concept of a "Tequila Party." The idea would be to break traditional ties with the Democratic Party and create a grass-roots independent movement. The Latino leaders hope to pressure the Democratic Party to deliver on Latinos' priorities much in the same way the Tea Party has done with the GOP.

Latino leaders in Nevada and nationwide are quietly debating on whether to cut their ties with the Democratic Party and form an independent grass-roots political group. Apparently, there have been rumblings about this movement among national Latino leaders for some time now. The idea for the Tequila Party is to basically say to the Democratic Party "You know what? This blind support for you is coming to an end."

The plan came about because of the frustration over the DNC's inaction on immigration reform. Latino leaders have been discussing the idea with the hope of getting the attention of the DNC prior to the 2012 election.

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An Unlikely Source

Latino leaders have acknowledged the model for their movement was the Tea Party because of the grass-roots style of organization and the political clout they have been gaining with the GOP. The leaders hope to garner their own political clout within the Democratic Party.

In the 2010 midterm elections, 64 percent of Latinos voted Democratic, and in Nevada, analysts agree that Latino votes were responsible for Senator Harry Reid's re-election.

Senator Reid promised to bring the DREAM Act (which would let youths who were brought into the country illegally gain legal status if they join the military or attend college) to a vote in the lame-duck session of Congress.

Just a Dream

The Tequila Party is still just an idea for now, as no Latino leader has publicly backed the strategy. However, their silence makes sense, as they will want to be sure they have a fully formed plan before they risk angering allies in the Democratic Party.

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