Advertisers spend billions of dollars a year trying to get your attention, but they don't share any of that money with you.  That all has changed with YouData.  YouData will pay you  to read and look at advertisements that are specifically targeted to you.  It's a great way to make some extra money online.  You simply look at whichever ads are available to you and then every Friday YouData will deposit your balance into your Paypal. That's it! It's super simple!  There are no minimum payments and no waiting.  Get paid every Friday directly into your Paypal account.

The first and most obvious step for making money with YouDat is that you must sign up for a YouData account. Once you are a YouData member, you should fill out all of the information on the "MeFile" page.  You want to be sure to fill out your "MeFile" so that YouData knows who you are and which ads should be targeted to you directly.  Then you should be sure to log into your YouData account everyday and go to the "Adgets" page.  The Adgets page is where you will find the ads that YouData has targeted towards you and will pay you to view. On the Adgets page you will see all of the ads available for you to watch. You are told how much you will be paid per ad before clicking on it.  (Generally 5 cents for viewing the ad and another 5 cents for going to the website of the advertiser.) You can also download software that will let you look at your YouData ads on your desktop rather than having to go to every time you want to get paid for the ads.  You can also elect to have your YouData ads on your website or blog and view them there.

In addition to paying you to view ads, YouData will also pay you for the ads viewed by members you refer to YouData.  You will get paid 1 cent per ad viewed by your referrals up to $1.00 per referral.

That's it! Making money with YouData is incredibly simple.  There is no minimum balance in your account.  You will get paid every Friday when YouData will deposit your balance into your Paypal account.