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Writing content articles, blogs and websites is one of the easiest opportunities to generate revenue online for free however; it can take long time to reap the rewards from all of your hard work.  If you have an offline or online business, writing articles, blogs and websites about your business is a free powerful way to advertise online.

I started to write articles, blogs and free websites online in January 2009 and I've learned a lot while expanding my online presence. I now understand how important backlinking with relevancy and using Internet market techniques do help get my articles, blogs and websites indexed to the search engines in a reasonable amount of time. I must say that it's easier said than done but over time it does become easier and you do get faster at doing it.

Homebaseincome101 YouTube Channel

I decided to create videos to help myself expand, grow and to link up with like-minded people who generate revenue online using free resource. I want to meet people who are actively writing to expand their Internet writing business and felt creating a YouTube Channel to upload videos could help me reach the target audience I was looking for. I felt creating a YouTube Channel could help me recruit new people who want to learn how article writers earn money online and how we do it using free resources. The YouTube Channel promotes all the Revenue Sharing Website Platforms I use to write articles online and wanted to create a common place for article writers to post questions, comments and list helpful tips to wanna-be article writers.

In November 2010 I started to create videos to upload to the web and knew I was not the best at it but over time I became pretty good. Now I have a dozens of videos uploaded to my YouTube Channel titled HomeBaseIncome101 and will be uploading the videos I created at YouTube at the many other free video websites to expand my online presence even more. I believe creating videos help the visitor understand what the topic is about instead of relying on content alone. Using both content and videos combined can help recruit new members and of course help to increase traffic.

Another benefit to creating videos and uploading them to the video websites is that the videos get indexed to the search engines. Using other video websites to help target an audience I want to target to help recruit new members can only help in the long run. The more avenues used to generate traffic to articles, blogs and websites does help to increase traffic and increasing traffic to expand is a benefit and a must.

If you're new to creating videos, I do suggest purchasing a Logitech Webcam. The Logitech Webcam is easy to use and allows you to upload your created videos straight to YouTube with a couple of clicks of the mouse. Creating videos is fun and helps you expand your online presence.

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