You Really are What You Eat!

Dr. Gillian McKeith is an acclaimed nutritionist from the UK and is known for her ability to turn around even the worst eaters, and set dieters on the path of living healthier, happier and slimmer lives. Her unconventional ways of motivating her clients can make her seem, well, pushy. She states that even her own mother is afraid to spend Christmas dinner with her because she is worried McKeith will lecture her on good and bad food choices. She says her daughter refers to her as a "food freak."

Dr. McKeith states that people are always asking her "What is the Dr. Gillian McKeith plan in a nutshell?" and she says; "It is: Discover and explore the dozens and dozens of mouthwatering new foods waiting to tantalize your taste buds. Go for it."

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Great Read

In her book, You Are What You Eat (which has sold over 2 million copies worldwide), McKeith provides an abundance of information to help people make healthier food choices. She begins with ten ‘important’ food facts, then lists the ten foods people eat on a regular basis and she goes on to explain why diets "don't work."

Do you know what "good" and "bad" foods are? McKeith provides a list of good and bad foods and provides information on the good versus the bad, then tells the story about the "worst eater" she's ever met.

In chapter two, McKeith helps you "Get to know your body" by listing the top body signs to look for and what they mean.  She goes into great detail about common body signs you can find by examining you tongue, head, face, ears, hands, eyes, mouth, limbs, stomach, your urine, and most interestingly, your stools.

It may seem like a strange and no doubt uncomfortable subject, but McKeith believes there are health reasons behind "greasy stools that won't flush; foul-smelling stools; skid mark stools; pellets; light-colored stools food in your stools; worms in your stools; loose and runny stools all the time;[and] thin, shreddy stools."  For each problem, she provides information and a solution. In addition, the book outlines information on an "itchy bottom" and hemorrhoids, with a 10-point hemorrhoid action plan.

Even pimples can point to congestion or imbalances, depending on where they are situated on the body, and McKeith explains the causes and solutions for pimples on the forehead, cheeks, nose, jaw, shoulder, chest, upper back, and around the mouth.

In chapter three the book lays out the "Diet of abundance" to help you eat more not less. An example of a client's food diary is printed in the book to help you keep your own food journal.  A quiz then awaits you with the title "So you think you have a healthy diet? Dr. Gillian's food intelligence (quotient) test." After the test, the doctor will help you make the change by providing information on energy grains, wheat, bountiful beans, sources of protein and good sweets.

Next, it's time to take the "nasties challenge" which is designed to make you think about any bad habits you have and what it means to your health.   The nasties are described as coffee, fatty foods, sweet foods, dairy products, and alcohol. McKeith provides information on each one of the so called nasties. There are also the "so-so" foods that she advises you proceed with caution when consuming, these are also listed in the book, along with health information. Information about food combining and The Abundant Food List are also provided in this chapter.

In chapter four, you will learn about the "Top 5 Bummers."  The doctor claims that 95% of her clients have a condition that falls into one of the categories. This chapter is packed with information for people who are always struggling with weight issues; tired all the time; have digestive disorders; suffer from PMS and other hormonal issues; and are under stress. McKeith provides a list of foods that stress and foods that de-stress. She discusses "teas for tension; herbs to help you cope; plus vitamins and minerals." She also discusses poor immunity and provides an immune system self-check. You will also learn about immune boosters and stress-related backaches that are on the rise.

Chapter five is titled "Clean Out" and provides information on body detox. Information is provided for a one day body detox. This chapter also discusses colonic hydrotherapy.

In chapter six you will learn about "Looking Good and Feeling Sexy." The doctor talks about skin care and outlines the "ten golden tips for healthy skin."  There is an anti-acne plan, with information on nutritional supplements, herbs and other treatments. There are also anti-eczema, anti-stretch mark, and anti-varicose veins plans. Information about healthy hair and nails is provided with a healthy nail care plan and information on nutritional supplements for "lustrous" hair and firm nails. Information is also provided for healthy teeth and gums, and a healthy teeth program is outlined. Next, is what you've been waiting for; "Great Sex." Dr. McKeith provides information on how you can have a healthy and great sex life, and she provides a list of over 43 foods on her "Sexy Foods List."

Chapter seven is the 7-Day Jumpstart Plan. The doctor will tell you how to shop and read labels in your local grocery store. She goes over information regarding canned beans, beverages, dairy products, eggs, fish, fruits, grains, nuts, meats, oils, seasonings, soups, sprouts and seeds, sweets, and  vegetables.

A seven day meal planner is also provided, plus several recipes to get you started on your new path to healthiness. Chapter seven also outlines steps to a good morning and good night set of exercises.

Chapter eight is Dr. Gillian McKeith’s "20 Super Quick Tips." She recommends that readers keep this chapter readily available as a quick reference.  The tips outlined are quite helpful.

Chapter nine is "The Next Level." This chapter deals with "superfoods for a super body."  Information is provided on green super foods and what’s so special about them; the grasses (alfalfa, green barley grass, and wheatgrass); Algae and the highest source, bee super foods, super food herbs, sea vegetables, leafy super foods, live enzyme-rich food, sprouts and what they are.

The doctor also outlines the case against cooking, by discussing information on the destruction of enzymes, plus the loss of protein and vitamins. She will also discuss "other hot issues; the balancing act and getting in the raw."

Lastly, the conclusion provides a call to be proactive not reactive, and to love unconditionally - as with everything in this book there is a health reason behind that also.

Dr. Gillian McKeith's You Are What You Eat is one of the most comprehensive, yet easy to read books, on living a healthy lifestyle. I definitely recommend it!

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