The world is in bad shape and only getting worse, and it is our fault. The majority of us have become increasingly selfish people, only caring about bettering our own situation.  We carelessly treat public property for it is not ours and not our responsibility.  When using the sink in a public bathroom most of us splash water all over the counter and don’t care to clean it up.  We then toss the paper-towel in the general direction of the trash can and don’t pick it up if we miss.  All of these things would take hardly any extra time to change.

In a matter of seconds we could change the world for the better.  If everyone just did a few things throughout the day to leave the stuff they come into contact with in better shape then they had found it.  Think about it, it is so easy to leave at least one thing each day in better condition then you found it in.  You could wipe all the splashed water off the counter of your work bathroom with a couple of dry towels in a matter of seconds.  You could pick up the soda bottle from the ground that was carelessly thrown in the direction of the trash and put it in the trash can (or recycle bin).  When you borrow something from someone you could give it back to them in better condition then when they gave it to you.  If you borrowed a neighbor’s lawnmower you could give it a quick wash before you brought it back.  If a friend left a piece of clothing at your house you could wash it before you returned it to them. 

 I realize that in no way will we ever get everyone in the world to leave things better then they had found them even for just one day.  But what if we could influence a hundred people, or ten people or even just person to leave at least one thing better then they found it on each and every day.  This may not be enough to change the world completely but it would definitely help the world become a better place. 

If you listen to any expert talk about goal setting they will tell you the same important message, you can achieve any goal no matter how big if you just start take a few action steps toward that goal each day.  If you do just a couple things each day you will eventually reach your goal.  Well, my goal is to improve the Earth we all live on and enjoy. 

If more of us took the time to do these small things imagine how much all of our lives would improve as a whole.  I hope this influences at least one person to change a small part of their behavior and help improve our lives. 

There are hundreds of little things that we can do to better our world that take only seconds out of your day.  If you have one your thinking of please tell me about it.