InfoBarrel is one of many revenue sharing sites. Here you get to write, post the articles on a site that someone else manages the details, and make money. It's easy and it gives you the ability to publish on any topic at any time without the difficulty of managing your own website. It also has great earning potential. It isn't easy, but it can be wonderful.  

How It Works

InforBarrel has a great team who run it. They take care of the site, the design, the ad placement, the codes and crazies behind the site, and so on. The writer, writes its article and then uses their easy to use publishing tools to post in on the site. The article then gets views. It will automatically display ads from Google, Chitika, and Amazon. Part of the time those ads will belong to the site and when someone clicks on the ad the site will make money. The rest of the time, the writer's ads are displayed and when someone clicks on one of them the money is made by the writer.  

Revenue Sharing

In order to really understand how to make money on InfoBarrel you have to understand how revenue sharing works. Some sites are different then others, but with InfoBarrel the share impressions. This means that InfoBarrel doesn't take any money. Instead, you will sign up with an account with Google AdSense, Amazon Associates, and Chitika. Once you have these accounts you will be able to write and your ads will be displayed 75% of the time or more. 

What You Can Write About

You can write about almost anything that you want. The only restrictions are those that follow Google AdSense's publisher rules. You can't write about adult topics, gambling, or those things that are illegal. You also can't writing in a way that is violent or promotes violence to others.

You can write about a ton of different topics. Many people at least start with the things that they know best. These can be things you have learned from your job, from being a parent or child, from your hobbies, from your schooling, or from life's lessons. You can take the anything that you know and write about it.  

What is Keyword Research?

If you spend any amount of time learning about how to make money writing articles then you have probably heard the term keyword research. The truth is that people have written books about the topic and there is little way that I could share it all here with you in the next few moments. However, I will tell you one important thing.

It's a really good idea to go to the Google Keyword Tool and check out a few things before you write an article. You should click [Exact] under the match types, enter your word or phrase that you want to write about, and then find out how many people are searching for it. If no one is searching for the topic that you want to write about, try re-phrasing it a few times. By picking the keywords that get a lot of searches each month you are much more likely to get people to your articles. By taking the time to do this little bit of research you will save yourself the time and effort of writing that great article on natural organic lipstick which was only searched on Google 16 times last month.  

Talking Numbers

Real people want to hear real numbers. This is never an easy thing to explain. You want to make sure that you understand several things before you jump into the numbers game.

  • First of all, it takes time to make money online. Even once you get your articles up there you will still have to wait for them to age before they start getting a decent amount of traffic.
  • Not all topics are created equal. If you write a great how to you may get some great traffic, but it may not make you a ton of money. This doesn't mean that it isn't worth writing, but you are likely to need more of these types of articles than you will product articles.
  • It takes a lot of articles on the Internet (no matter what site or sites you use) to make good money on the Internet.

If you think you can handle these things then it is reasonable to expect to make around 50 cents per article after the articles have some time to age a bit. Some people make a lot more money per article. However, this is a good place to start.  

Sign Up For InfoBarrel

All you need to do now is sign up for InfoBarrel. In order to do this you will simply fill out the information that InfoBarrel asks for. From there you can get started with writing. The whole process doesn't take long and is easy to do.


The Pre-Approval Process

When you first start writing for InfoBarrel your articles are held for approval. In order to get your pre-approval you will need to 10 articles that have been approved in a row and you have to have been a member for 14 days. In your articles you need to limit backlinking to other work, you need to have good grammar and spelling, and you need the articles to be 400 words or longer. Once you are pre-approved you will be able to publish articles without them being reviewed and you will be able to edit and re-publish without having to wait for them to be approved.

Don't feel bad if your article gets rejected for one reason or another. You definitely aren't alone. Take it as a learning opportunity and then move on. Make the changes that are recommended and resubmit. You can do this!  

InfoBarrel Forums

Forums aren't really my thing. I try and avoid them. That being said, the best forum I have ever been in is here on InfoBarrel. If you have any questions, concerns, or you just want to get to know like minded people then it is a great place to go.

Writing for InfoBarrel is a lot of work. You won't be making any money over night and you won't get rich. However, you will be able to get your writing out there, to build a portfolio, and to build an online income. In fact, if you keep working at it, you can build a good income. There are some who are making hundreds of dollars a month and some who are earning even more than that. If you are ready to be making money by writing articles online then there is no better time to get started.