The most important event in one's life warrants nothing less than the most special preparation – and that means looking your most beautiful and most together on your big day. Even though lots of women style their hair or put on makeup in their everyday lives, wedding coiffure and makeup call for a special approach as the wedding can happen at various times and many places.

Below I offer several wedding makeup tips that can definitely make you feel like the most gorgeous bride anyone's ever seen:

• Get a facial at least 3 days prior to the special day. This can give your face a healthy glow and application of makeup will be lots easier and look natural in addition.
• If it is a day wedding, ponder matching your motif and your makeup by sticking to neutral hues.
• Use waterproof mascara. For those teary-eyed moments, it is suitable, of course, if your mascara or eye-liner won't run.
• A makeup artist can be helpful to give the whole affair a coordinated look, as long as you make sure your financials can can absorb the cost of a professional. If you're planning a summer nuptial, your makeup artist can coordinate a summer theme for everyone – especially helpful if not every lady owns the perfect tones for a summer wedding.
• Learn your skin type. This can help your makeup professional establish if you would benefit from oil-based or water-based products. There's a difference in how the products will apply and stay on and it can alter even the hue.
• If you are dealing with oily skin, inquire about products that will work best for that, so you don't have to worry that your face will shine (literally) in the photos of your special day.

To get your coiffure to match your glowing face, check out these suggestions:
• Because you'll expect your hair style to suffer from the wind, be it inside or at the garden reception, combat frizz and brittleness by letting your conditioning product work for longer periods of time.
• Since you are allowed to take a small handbag, especially during reception, you might want to keep a small comb to take care of stray strands. Just don't muss your hair do.
• Don't forget, it's important that your eyebrows are trimmed as well. They help frame the face to give a more sophisticated appearance.
• Consider how you might coordinate hairstyles as well, so the ladies won't clash or appear as if they're guests at separate weddings.
• For the men, ask them to get their hair cut for a more customary and 'wedding proper' appearance.

Wedding beauty preparations should not be done as the last item on the list. Keep in mind the effort you've invested looking for a venue, reception and wedding theme. You have to pay even more attention to your hairstyle and makeup, two common things people will notice. You will enjoy your special day as the most ravishing bride in the world.

Whatever happens, try not to internalize the stress as affect your face and hair as well. Weeks before the big day, begin eating well and exercising so as to remove toxins from your body – you will feel beautiful inside and out.