You really can make free money fast by following a few simple steps the next time you go to your local bank. Why work hard when you don't have to? There are literally thousands of ways to earn quick cash, but some of them will require an investment. Those not willing to front money on something they may or may not be able to get a return on investment for, just don't find this to be appealing. If you are looking to make free money fast, here's how you can do it, with real silver coins!

1. Go to your local bank with a little cash in hand to make free money fast. You will want to ask the teller if they have any dollar coins or half dollar coins available. Of course, you will need to purchase them, but it's really just a cash exchange; your cash for their coins, so there is no initial investment. The more you buy, the better the odds you'll make free money fast. Remember, since you are only exchanging cash, it doesn't cost you a dime. Purchase all of the half dollars and dollar coins you can to make free money fast. Now, you will want to take the coins home, where the real cash will be made.

2. Take all the coins home, and sort them by date to make free money fast. In 1964, they started making these coins with copper nickel clad, not silver. Place all of the pre 64 coins into a pile, these will be the cash makers. Set them aside in a safe place for now.

3. Gather up the post 64 coins and take them back to the bank. Cash them in and start all over again. You'll find following this cycle makes it really easy to make free money fast. (Cash them in at the same bank, then go to a different bank to buy more.)

The date is unclear:

From time to time, you'll find that the date is so worn off, you just cannot read it. Don't give up on these coins, you may still be able to make free money fast with them. To find out what the date is when worn off, follow some simple methods.

1. Use a magnifying glass: Sometimes when enhanced you will be able to read enough ridge detail to tell the year. You may find some real old ones, making it an even easier way to make free money fast.

2. Weight: A real silver coin is much heavier than the clad ones. In fact, you should be able to tell just by holding them in your hands. If in doubt, you can use a food scale to figure it all out. Some of the ones with dates rubbed off will still allow you to make free money fast.

3. Length: If you are looking to make free money fast, it's important to know what you have to work with. Look up the length of the particular coins and see if they measure up. The sizes have had variations over the years, too many to list accurately.

Now what:

You have a couple of different ways to make free money fast with your cash. Some may wish to find the value of them, based on rareness by using a pricing guide. You'll find that many of the old coins can be worth hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars each. If you get lucky enough to find one of these, hold on to it and don't lose it. Take the really valuable ones to a coin show to see how much you can get. It's a great way to make free money fast. Don't expect to get full book value at the shows, but you can expect to get plenty of cash in hand over face value.

If the coin value guide didn't show you the big numbers you were looking for, you still have another great option. You can find the current melt value of your old coins in several locations. Many half dollars, assuming they are pre 64, will have a melt value of nearly $5.00!! As you can see, this is a great way to make free money fast. There are many others, not just the half dollars and dollars that can earn you cash quick. You'll find that there are many shows out there, so you shouldn't have to travel very far, at least if you are willing to wait for one to hit your area.

If you want even more free money fast, there are some additonal ways to earn income.


When you are looking to make free money fast, you don't want to get stick with counterfeit coins. These are not nearly as rare as you may think. Not only do you have to contend with counterfeits, but also with reproductions, which are generally made with clad. You've seen the commercials before, and most of them just don't have any real value to them. Use a magnifying glass to look for the letter "R" or the word "copy" on them. This is a good way of telling if they are real, so you can make free money fast on them. Many counterfeit coins are made with steel, so using a simple magnet will also help you out. If the magnet picks the coin up off the table, it's a fake made with steel. When you are trying to make free money fast, you don't want to get stuck with something that has absolutely no value at all.

Other things to consider:

Once you start looking into melt values as a great way to make free money fast, you'll notice that many other coins are worth substantially more when melted than their face value. For example a 1942-1945 nickel has a melt value of up to 80 cents. That's sixteen times the face value!! As you can see, this is a great way to make free money fast, and you aren't just limited to dollars and half dollars. Give these methods a shot today. You never know, you just may wind up getting tons of quick cash in your wallet. For some it's a hobby, for others it's a way to make free money fast while doing something fun.