You can stop smoking anytime you want to. you don't need gum, patches, or any other source of crutch. Sounds easy doesn't it, NOT.

So why can't you stop? the truth is in the knowing that you are in control of what you do. you can control whether you get up in the morning, if you eat, drink, drive, work, or anything that takes a decision to act on.

what you must determine is what makes you act on those decisions in the right way. Let's suppose you decide you are not getting out of bed today.

1. You won't go to work.

2. You may not eat.

3. You may make a mess in the bed.

4. If you are married, your spouse will not be happy with you.

5. Laying in bed all day could cause back pain.

Now any or all of these are a deterrent to you staying in bed, therefore you will probably get up. Your mind says that the consequence of not getting up is more than you are prepared for so you take the easy way out. Human nature.

What about smoking?

1. If you smoke it eases the craving for nicotine.

2. You think you enjoy smoking.

3. You don't know how to quit.

These are the reasons people give for smoking. They actually believe they are unable to break the habit.

So what happens if You quit?

1. You will breathe easier.

2. Your clothes will smell better.

3. Your food will taste better.

4. Your spouse/children/family will love you for it.

5. You won't have to stand out side in the cold or heat to smoke.

6. You will save a ton of money.

7. Your overall health will improve.

8. You will save money on insurance.

9. Your house/car will smell fresher.

10. people will quit bugging you to quit smoking.

Anyone of these is a good reason to quit, don't you agree.

So how do you use this information to help you quit? First you have to accept the fact that the reasons for quiting far out do the reason for continuing.

The next time you go to light up a cigarette ask yourself while you are smoking and then ask yourself why you should not. At first the whys will win because you think they are a stronger reason, but if you do it often enough you will begin to change your mind.

The nicotine patch is used to wean you from the effect of the nicotine on your system. Fact is once you stop smoking for 48 hours the nicotine is gone and only the memory is there.

The other thing that stops most people from taking the effort to quit is they don't know what to do with themselves if they aren't smoking. God hates a vacuum! There will be something come along to replace it. Just be sure it isn't another bad habit.

For the ladies it is the fear of the weight gain. When you decide to quit your body will change and allow you to exercise and eat better. yes there is usually a weight gain associated with stopping smoking, knowing that up front helps you to be aware of it and control, what you eat.

If you can use the 10 reason to help you stop and then you are overcome by the desire you think you have the first drag of a cigarette will send you into a coughing and light headiness. is that worth it. That alone is reason not to start again.

Lets use the stress factor they many smokers say is helped by smoking. I say Hogwash, Smoking does not do anything for stress but make it worse. Ask yourself this;

1. How does smoking help pay the bills when you have to spend the money you should be using to pay bill buying smokes?

2. How does smoking help get your work done on time if you have to stop doing work to smoke?

3. How does smoking help you drive a car when you have to take your eyes off the road to smoke, pick up a dropped cigarette, of brush ashes off your clothes before they burn?

4. How does smoking help you make important decisions when your blood vessels are constricted so that you can think right?

There are many other things that you may think smoking helps but in reality it is just the opposite.

So the next time you go to light a smoke remember these words. I am a smug, selfish, Inconsiderate person because I put smoking above anything else. If you can live with that when you have children and a family then that is what you are.