Several years ago in 2007 I was putting money aside into my flexible spending account at work to have corrective laser surgery to correct my nearsightedness.  I was told during my consultation that my corneas were too thin and I was not a candidate for the surgery.  It would be dangerous.  

However, I was a candidate for an implantable lens that is inserted into the eye directly behind the pupil.  These lenses work by redirecting rays of light so they correctly focus on the retina.  This is unlike cataract surgery which replaces the eye's natural lens and laser surgery that reshapes the eye's natural lens.  

Visian ICL's are for people like myself who have high lens prescriptions and do not have the corneal thickness to have LASIK.  Visian ICL's have produced such positive results that they are a viable alternative to LASIK for almost anyone.  That was good news for me because years of contact lens use was really bothering my eyes and I was very fearful of permanent damage.  

One not so positive thing about Visian ICL's is the cost.  When I had my surgery done four years ago LASIK cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,000 to $2,500 per eye.  The Visian ICL's cost me $7,100.  This cost included the initial consultation, the surgeries themselves, the eye drops used before and after surgery and numerous follow-up visits to make sure the lenses were positioned correctly and my vision was improving.  

My eyes were done on two different days with  a day in between my right and left eyes.  After the surgeries I had to wear protective coverings over my eyes while sleeping so that I didn't accidentally rub them and move the lenses out of place.  It took several months after surgery for the incisions to heal completely and for my vision to become sharp.  

The Visian ICL's have worked out very well for me.  My surgeon told me I will never again need glasses or contacts for my nearsightedness and that my Visian ICL's will last longer than I will.  My eyes feel great and my vision is better than it's ever been.