As you may have read in my previous article entitled Better Living, my doctor was not pleased with the lack of progress I made over the past six months. I was very upset when I heard my results (bad cholesterol, weight gain, etc.) and didn't know how to process what I had heard.

It was later in the evening that I realized just how lucky I am. You see, my wife was the one who had told me the bad news. She knew how upset I was when I had heard, and spent the remainder of her afternoon researching what types of foods we really ought to be eating, how much exercise I should be getting, and how I can beat this. Thinking about this in

terms of a life change is somewhat daunting, but that is exactly what I have to do. For the rest of my life, I can no longer accept second best from myself. I can no longer allow myself to put garbage into my body and expect to get good things from it. I didn't think I could do it, until I talked with my wife...

You may not be married. You may not know what it is like to have a spouse to help you. However, if you are going to take this journey with me, you will need someone to help you. I don't think it has to be a spouse, but you need someone to help you be accountable. Once you have made "the good things" (eating right, exercising, respecting yourself, etc.) habits things will be a little

easier. At least, that's what I'm told. I'll let you know how that works out. Anyway, in the meantime this type of change is hard. As I write this, I can hear a voice inside my belly saying "There is ice cream in the freezer for your kids. They won't notice just a small bowl being gone. Go ahead, just take a little..." But I refuse to listen. I don't want to have to look my wife in the eyes tomorrow and tell her that the dirty bowl in the sink was from me being weak minded.

Find someone to whom you can be accountable. This is going to be hard enough, so don't try to be a "tough guy" (or "tough gal") and do it all on your own. So what if you aren't married. You have friends, don't you? Get one to call you every day and ask you if you have eaten well, and exercised properly. It really doesn't even have to be a friend, but simply someone who you would not want to disappoint (or someone that you would not want having anything "bad" to say about you at the next office party). You can't tell me that you don't have anyone who can perform this function for you. Even if you are one who spends 18 hours a day drinking energy drinks and posting online, you can find an internet friend to help. Email works just as well as telephones for this purpose, so make use of it. Perhaps you can get a following on Twitter or Facebook and will post your progress each day. Whatever the case may be, you can find someone to help you.

Be sure to have someone else hold you accountable, and always do the same for yourself. And always remember that you will mess up from time to time. You just have to promise yourself and your accountability partner that you will do better the next day!