Online Writing Pays Slowly

Have you ever visited a writing content site and looked in the forums? You have probably read dozens of posts from people that say they don't make any money at the site. Then you look at their profile page and they don't have an image or bio and they have very few articles written. The truth is that most online content writing sites pay very little when you only have a few articles. These sites aren't designed to make you rich on 10 articles or even 100. The payout comes when you have a whole host of articles on the site and continue over time to add more. This can take a year or more and even longer but you'll earn money on your work for as long as the website exists. The inital pay is very low, usually a few cents but with tons of content, this adds up quickly. As you write more you'll see results and more money in your account. If you freelance, naturally you can make a lot in a short period of time but new writers lack the skills to get these types of jobs. Online content sites are perfect venues for new writers to earn some income.

Set a Writing Plan

You can earn more money writing online. To get more done you need to set out a writing plan for yourself. It's possible with hard work to write ten articles or more per day. This might seem like a lot of work but if you treat your writing as a job you'll be surprised at what you can accomplish in one day. Decide what you want to write about and make  a list of articles you want to do. Keep adding to the list and crossing off the ones you complete. You could use a spreadsheet, organizer, or other program to keep track of your work.  Start with topics you know about such as hobbies, your job, or anything you can write without taking the time to do any research.  Once you can write on a regular basic you'll create more content which gives you a better chance at making some money online.  Most people put in effort if they want a promotion at work  so the same thing applies to online writing.

Don't Sit There, Write

You can't accomplish anything by sititng around and complaining that you aren't making money online with your writing. You need to put the pen to paper or your fingers on the keyboard and get to work.  Don't leave your work space until your articles are complete since they won't write themselves. Join forums, start a blog, and get your writing out there for people to see. Promote your work on Twitter, use Facebook, and other social media sites. Fill out your bio and let people know who you are. Treat your writing as the professional thing it should be and with enough time, effort and content under your belt, you'll make money.  Find the time to sit down and just write, it's that simple.