Writing for Info Barrel is as healthy for individuals just like milk is highly recommended to drink.

When I first started to write for Info Barrel in March 2010, I enjoyed the idea of writing whatever I feel like to. Since the website opened up for business only two years ago in 2008), there are numerous titles available for me to take. I just hope some time in the future I could make enough money.

Forum for Info Barrel

The integral part of Info Barrel that makes it so irresistible to stay away from is the forum for the website. All spring and summer long during 2010, I was emotionally attached to it to learn the skills about writing to make money over the Internet. I am having fun while learning and joining conversations on wide variety of topics simultaneously on wide variety of topics. It is splendid when no one puts down others for any comments, opinion, or questions asked. It has a feel of everyone respecting each other. No one has the right to feel superior to others no matter who is involved in a conversation.

Endless Information

The forum is rich with countless useful information for new members to read and learn. I actually would recommend everyone to read the threads. That means the people who hasn't joined the website to get at least 75% share from Adsense, Amazon, and Chitika should lurk around the forum. I'm sure other Info Barrel members don't mind non-users go to it to gain more knowledge. It is more likely that visitors will come across something that is useful rather than a meaningless post. Actually, I feel like I'm just saying that.

Info Barrel has Revenue Sharing

There are other websites that has a higher base percentage for revenue sharing with Adsense and Amazon. Nevertheless, excuse me for not mentioning the names of the websites. You may find out which ones they are if you ask the question on the forum to get the names. Right now I have three referrals. Don't laugh yet. All three have written a total of two articles. Both of them were written by one person. Now you may laugh so loud everyone could hear you. It is downright horrible that all three are not interested at this moment to write for Info Barrel. Now you know one reason why I have unique title for this article.

Comments Were Understandably Deleted

It was well-received by me to see comments made on the forum that were part of a heated debate deleted forever. I didn't get to see any of the comments before they were gone. I think that's the best approach the staff members of Info Barrel should handle for that any similar situations in the future. A post by a staff member said if the participants want to continue the debate, they would need to go somewhere else for it.

Much Fondness for Writing

I enjoy writing so much I don't mind doing it for free, However, I rather be doing what I am fond of to earn a living.

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