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Believe it or not, your house may have large amounts of money lying around. Many people tend to forget that their house is not just a place to live in, but may be a form of making some extra cash as well. Let’s begin with one of the easiest ways to make some money, well it’s actually cash you already had, you just didn’t know it!

Rolling Coins

If you look through closets, junk drawers, basements, or even attics it is almost certain that you will find loose change. Why keep this loose change in your house when you can deposit it in the bank and earn interest on it? All you need are coin rolls which you can purchase for a cheap price or you can ask your bank for them (they are usually free). Then all you have to do is find the loose change and roll it. Coin rolls come in four change denominations, pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. Pennies are worth fifty cents per roll, nickels are two dollars, dimes are five dollars, and quarters are ten dollars.


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Many people tend to use automated machines to calculate their change and turn it into cash. The problem is that some of these services charge a fee. Rolling change will avoid the fee entirely. When depositing the rolled change you may want to double check with your bank if they want you to provide your account number on the coin roll. Some banks do and others do not.

Have a Garage Sale

A garage sale allows you to sell almost anything that may be lying around your house. This includes everything from old books to furniture to children’s toys. One issue before staring a garage sale is that you will want to check and see if a permit is required in your state. Some states do require this because you are selling a product from your house for a profit.


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One thing you want to keep in mind when starting your garage sale is the time of year that you choose. Make sure it is not a sweltering day outside and it is not freezing either. You also want to make sure you advertise it wherever you can. You do not want just a few people to show up the day of the garage sale, you will just be wasting your time! Last, you have to price everything reasonably. Remember, these products are used, they are not brand new. Moreover, people know that you will be selling these products to make a quick buck. If you are able to get enough people to stop at your garage sale it will be a fantastic way to make some extra money.

Sell Products on the Internet

The internet is an excellent way to make some extra money. You can apply this concept directly to the garage sale idea, but this strategy will get out to a much larger audience. Items in your house can be sold on many websites like eBay or even Amazon. You would have to make an account, upload the pictures of the product you want to sell, and then ship out the product. If you are just simply not computer savvy or it gets too complicated for you, you can contact these companies which offer excellent customer service or you can ask a friend or family member to sell the products for you.


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So, from now on if you are off from work/school or typically stay home, you should pay more attention to those junk drawers, closets, garages, and basements. You very well may have a ton of cash sitting there, and you just didn’t know it!