One of the key aspects of any writing career is the ability to write a lot. You can fantasize about writing the next Great American Novel or about how much money you can make writing for websites such as InfoBarrel, but unless you actually write a lit then you cannot ever become a writer.

You may have an awesome idea for a new blog and it is on a topic that you love and are very familiar with but unless you actually buckle down and work hard at it then you will fail. Many people try and earn money online but they will tend to do hardly any actual work when online. Maybe you have fallen into this category before where you are constantly reading, researching, and sharing stuff online but actually do not write any new content.

If you work for 8 hours as a writer each day and never actually write then you fail. If you write 1 article in an 8 hour period and do this every day for a year then you will still fail. 1 article per day is definitely a lot of progress and it will add up over a period of time but unfortunately many people will quit before they can reap the rewards. The fastest way to earning a lot of money online as a writer is to actually write.

Working hard and having a true writers work ethic is something that almost anyone can do. You need to train yourself to write your butt off so on a day when you only write 8 new articles you feel like you had a “slack day”. You need to be busting out content if  there is a need for you the successful. Going to earn money as a writer then quit dinking off and start writing a lot. You have to be writing  a lot if you want to make decent money writing.

Go ahead and do keyword researching and quality backlinking in your articles, but you should definitely be spending more time actually writing than any other activity. You want to earn money as a writer then you need to be working hard writing multiple articles each day. If you want to be a failure then go ahead and keep publishing 1 new article every 2 weeks and then complain about why your earnings are so low.

Think about it this way- How Successful would Mark Twain had been if he had spent all of his time on Facebook instead of actually writing? Life is short so do not waste your time. Write your butt off if that is what you want to do so you can reap the financial rewards and then spend soem time traveling to the places you would like to go to.